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At my Bundanoon Studio. A magnificent specimen of the 'Masked Devil' Cicada !! (Cyclochila australasiae). About 7.5cm tip to tip!.They started singing about a week ago & come lunchtime in full sun the town is fair throbbing with their sound!!! My initial thought on hearing them the first day, was that my 'Tinnitus' had ramped up but no, merely Cicada summer again. Every seven years they emerge from the ground & would be the bane of any filmmaker attempting to do a quiet shoot in a country town. The Cicada's can be bloody noisy when you have thousands singing together. Apparently, the nympha cicada hatches up on the tree and makes it's way to the ground where it burrows to the tree roots and attaches itself to feed off the tree roots. They stay underground for approximately seven years before emerging enmass! There are over 700 species in Australia!!
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