anne lee (@angrykat)

A beautiful CNY weekend. ☀️ I hope it’s a sign of things to come.

C. M. Manfredi (@c.m.manfredi)

Since I’m soaking I’ll use my time constructively and share the loot I picked up today. Bones and citron and amethyst from @faescabinet for future art❤️ earrings from my lovely neighbor across from me (I’ll tag her in the comments as soon as I remember her namr😕stupid brain) and Travis from @faescabinet . Not pictured are the positively chandelier like ones featuring snake vertebrae. And some birthday gifts for my boy. A fantastic Black Panther print from @sethrussellart , a Black Panther mini figure, and a super cute wizard by @the.1.unicorn.king . Also not pictured is the new tea I picked up from @tea_dude Because I can’t do life without tea and his tea is the best! It was a great weekend filled with amazing people! #oddmallemporiumoftheweird #oddmallcanton #oddmall #oddmallohio #vendorlife #beautifulweekend

Brooke Cutler (@brooke_cutler)

Traditional camping trips with the one and only! 🙌 #beautifulweekend #inkslake

Whitney Levett (@whitneylevett)

Picnic on the cliffs at clovelly ❤️ was all fun and games until we had ants in our pants 😬😂 #picnic #funinthesun #antseverywhere #beautifulweekend #clovelly