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Day 1 of.the @igbeautybox - sample review. Today I wore some essential oil perfume in Lucid Dream. Which smelled like cloves , rose hip and plumeria. The shampoo bar was easy to use. Since I chopped my hair off its odd now. I rarely use conditioner. This did not have a scent per sey. My hair feels.clean although I may need to use conditioner next time and may purchase the lavender bar next @igbeauty @igbeautybox
Shampoo.bar= www.the-humblebee.com
Essential oil perfume- oldfactorysoap.com/shop/parousia/storyline-perfume-sampler
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Our La Peau Eye Wrinkle Cream contains a natural formula, easily absorbed, nourishes and regenerates the skin. You have to try it
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If someone told me I could take two pills with my dinner for 90 days and my hair would grow 3-4 inches 💁🏼 I'd probably laugh 😂 at them because I had tried EVERYTHING!! Then I said okay this is the last product I'm gonna try and then I'm just going to let it be!! 🙄And guess what it worked!!! I literally am amazed at how my hair has changed over this past month!! 😍I'm giving ANYONE 🤗who wants a discount on my Hair Skin and Nails! This is to help thicken grow and nourish your hair, lashes, and nails!! 💖

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What the eyes could see from within #lookdeep #beauty😍