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I want to circle back around & talk about @luzernlaboratories La Defense collection as a whole, I think I’ve only mentioned them individually? I’m a big fan of the brand, Luzern gets clean luxury skincare right. 💯 Specifically, La Defense protects from environmental pollution & blue light emitted from our tech gadgets. While environmental protection is no new phenomenon, blue light protection is a new trend & I need to do my research on it as I’m honestly not familiar enough with the need for additional protection. I have homework this weekend. 🤓 Howeeeeeever, claims aside, La Defense is a lovely collection. I’m personally not a fan of micellar waters, I’d rather do a traditional double cleanse, but if you’re into them this one is LUXE & leaves skin comfortably hydrated & glowing. It’s definitely a treat to use & removes all makeup effortlessly. 💋 The daily moisturizer is lightweight, absorbs quickly, & as someone who’s combo-dry, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling like it needs an additional layer of moisture. 💦 The spf can be a little tricky: dispense into palms evenly, press into skin, & with sweeping & patting motions set it onto your skin. Otherwise it may ball up, particularly if you’re heavy handed with your moisturizer before application. Still, i reach for it often. 🌞 finally! The clay mask: it’s a good one. Splurging on a clay mask might seem cray, but I’ve found more luxurious formulas tend to be hydrating instead of drying. I’ve had issues with turning pink after use—no stinging, nothing uncomfortable, I just get pink, but not every time. My sensitive skin seems to pick & choose at random what it won’t like one day over the next. Over exfoliating doesn’t seem to be the reason for it either. Lovely detox mask though 👌🏼 What do you think of blue light?? Are you looking for products to protect you from it specifically?? 🙇🏻‍♀️ comment below if you have an opinion 👇🏼 #pr #luzernlabs #luzernlaboratories

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Not today it isn't!!! Buy 2 , Get 2 FREE Clinique mascaras today and tomorrow only at @macysmilleniaclinique !!! Call ahead and we can reserve for you💁🏼🛍️💄

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As much as I love Autumn and there's a 99% chance I'm sat in @starbucksuk with a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino, I'm missing summer a little bit. I can't stop using these gorgeous @lilibermuda fragrances when I want to be transported to a sunnier place. My favourites are definitely Sun Kiss and South Water, both smell gorgeously tropical 🌴

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✨beauty hack time!!!✨ I felt like a total genius coming up with this, but I'm sure someone else has already done it 😅lol. If you have an empty makeup setting spray bottle laying around, fill it with your favorite gentle facial toner! Spritz your face after cleansing, and/or before applying makeup for a healthy base. 🙌🏻 As an added bonus, that's one less plastic bottle ending up in our oceans! 🌊♻️ #green
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Yes I picked up some of the @maccosmetics holiday collection but I mean Look at this highlight. It's so pretty on the skin. Plus @belk was having $20 off $100. so I got to get a few things I needed to reup on with it. #beautycommunity #holiday #holidaysets #maccosmetics #snowball #motd #wakeupandmakeup #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #makeup

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So I was invited to the Beauty Brunch by @zaroncosmetics and trust me it was an amazing experience. A productive gathering of business women united by passion. I learned a lot from Boss Lady Oke. We had lots of food and drinks and then the Goodie Bag, full enough to start up a makeup business lol... Thanks so much for this opportunity @zaroncosmetics we should do more of it. #makeupartist #passion #makeupjunkie #womenempowerment #womeninbusiness #beautycommunity #fashionpassion #zaroncosmetics #womenofcolor #enterprenher #shewins #womensupportingwomen #bossbabe #kmkgoingplaces #thingscanonlygetbetter

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Your skin needs love too.
Anew Platinum Regimen Set

Defy gravity with the targeted Anew Platinum Regimen Set. As you age, collagen and elastin renewal slows down, which causes sagging. The Platinum collection is designed to help recapture the look of youthful skin definition and lift the look of your skin’s facial contours.

Desafía la gravedad con el Anew Platinum Regimen Set. A medida que envejece, la renovación del colágeno y la elastina se ralentiza, lo que causa la flacidez. La colección Platinum está diseñada para ayudar a recuperar la apariencia de la definición de la piel juvenil y elevar el aspecto de los contornos faciales de su piel.

Buy here:

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I decided on a “vertical Smokey eye” today. I’m really loving how vampy it feels and @colourpopcosmetics Echo Park Ultra Satin Lip, topped it off perfectly! #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopcult

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Day 12: "Rain" of #AutumnMasking hosted by @visceralstardust & @smscott ; #myseoulsisterreview My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask
Bought from . Chose this mask for this theme coz of the illustration & coz it's for hydration! Hyaluronan's excellent moisturizing power helps to form a strong protective water barrier onto skin, to enhance brightness, hydration & smooth texture.
Long story about the tote bag: I received it back in 2015 from an event hosted by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) called "Write Your Name". There's a road called Sang Sang Gil (Imaginary Road) in Changwon city of Gyeongsangnam-do. Everyone who participated was able to get their names engraved on this road. Friends & I included Changwon in our Nov 2015 trip (train journey from Busan) to see the engravings. Truth be told, the journey was rough due to language barrier & rainy weather but we made it! Also, we found out that our names were misplaced (they gave a row/column number via email so you can track where your name is) so we spent most of our time in the rain searching for our names 😂😂😂 luckily, we found them! I feel truly fortunate!
Upon opening, there is a clean mineral scent. Mask is very thin with a very soft texture, dripping with clear essence. Fit is ASTOUNDING; practically invisible with amazing adherence, fully covers all areas. Eye/mouth slits are perfectly-shaped, nose flap is right length. Kept on for about 35 minutes. Essence absorbed fast. Some leftover essence in packet.
Thoughts: OMG THE FIT IS AMAZING! Material & feel is very similar to my HG CY'Lab mask. Super soaked with slightly thick essence. Woke up to minimized pores & fresh face look. Skin was brighter & had a healthy glow. T-zone was a bit greasy, though. Helped to calm some redness I had. No breakouts or skin irritations. Will repurchase!
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