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Beauty of a home😱
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4 years ago I was working as a bartender at a nightclub working 12 hours shifts 6 days a week living paycheck by paycheck, I hated the job. I was always looking for this next thing which would make me magically rich..
One day I decided to start an instagram account which I thought would make me rich. It failed badly!
I thought I would never be rich...
So I went back to my bartender job and it literally felt like I would work there all my life
However I decided instead of hating my life all day and feeling down it was time to take action...
It was time to take MASSIVE action, it was time to stop working for a pay-check, it was time to stop living month by month barely scraping by... it was time to quit that job!! Soo... I DID!
Like I already told you, I was always looking for the next thing to make me rich, and I thought entrepreneurship equals a shit ton of money and it would be easy.
So I started my own Door2Door sales company selling high ticket kitchen supplies of €500+... LOL
I was 1000% sure I was going to be filthy rich doing this... I did some calculation... 20 days of work, selling at least 1 piece per day means: 20x€500=€10k each month MINIMUM
As you can imagine.. it wasn't €10k/month at all...
After 3 months I closed the business down feeling even worse than before...
I found a job as a Liquor Deliverer Guy which paid me €1500 per month...
And I NEEDED to try again so I cutted all the unnecessary expenses, and all the money I saved from this I put into instagram... I was working 8 hours a day at the Liquor Deliverer Job and 10 hours a day on instagram!
I learned everything about it, spend all $ I got on instagram and now we're here...
1 year later
8,000,000+ followers gained
200,000,000+ likes received
1,000,000,000+ impressions received
6 figures+ earned
6 figures+ invested
Follow my personal page @sem_buit and follow my journey to success! I want to motivate all of you to do the same!
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Комбинированная чистка лица😊Индивидуальный подход к каждому💜Для чего она оужна☝🏻Эта процедура в первую очередь — гигиенический уход за кожей, и лишь во вторую — эстетический, то есть улучшающий внешний вид. Грязная кожа не может в полной мере выполнять очень важные для организма функции: дыхательную, всасывающую, защитную, осязательную, терморегулирующую.Обычно при загрязненной коже сильно страдает ее иммунитет: ведь бактерии живут «в грязи», как в раю. Неочищенная кожа подвержена высыпаниям практически в 100% случаев. Пробки, они же комедоны, они же черные точки, закупоривают сальные железы, а это препятствует оттоку кожного жира, который является своеобразной защитной смазкой для кожи, защищает ее от высыхания, испарения влаги, смягчает и делает ее эластичной. Beauty House-Дом Красоты🏩#чисткалица #чистка #чисткалицахарьков #комбинированнаячисткалица#косметолог #косметологхарьков #косметология #косметологияхарьков #косметологbeautyhouse #услугикосметолога#домкрасоты #домкрасотыномер1 #домкрасотыхарьков #домкрасотыномер1харьков #beautyhouse2017 #beautyhouseхарьков #beautyhouse#kosmetolog #kosmetologia #kosmetologkharkov @yuliya_vetrova