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Un éxito Marula facial oil en la Expo Cachagua! Los esperamos hoy desde las 11!
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I want to go back to the B E A C H right now! I need this baby to be born so we can explore together with Tucker! ➰ #beach #pregnant #babyjack #beachdays #florida #stayathomemom #stayathomejobs #essentialoils #oilsforbeauty #beautyoils #sunshine #sefie #YL #younglivingessentialoils

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Maybe it's all those Wunderbrow ad's on Facebook lately, but I've been feeling like I wish I had more to work with in the brow department! 🐛🐛 So I whipped up a roller with these 3 oils to take me from 90's girl to Brooke Shields brows. ➕LAVENDER is nourishing and strengthening ➕GERANIUM helps support healthy skin and hair and ➕ROSEMARY stimulates & supports healthy follicles! Making this a part of my night time routine and I'll be sure to report on my results in a few weeks 💁🏻 #doterra #essentialoils #brows #wunderbrow #abh #dipbrow #beautyoils #makeup #hairgrowth #natural #chemicalfree #solessential

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Jom cantik sama-sama uollss!! 1 botol banyak khasiat untuk kulit uolss tau!!! .
-iFlawless adalah produk pertama di Malaysia yang hanya fokus kepada penggunaan di wajah sahaja. Kualiti minyak argan yang premium khas untuk wajah you olls!
-iFlawless adalah Minyak Argan Emas pertama yang diformulasikan bersama Empingan Emas Original 24K yang memberikan kesan glowing semulajadi serta merta dari dalaman!
-R&D kami faham you olls mesti kurang selasa dengan bau kekacang dimuka.BETUL?R&D kami tidak dengan mudahnya memilih bauan fragrance untuk mewangikan iFlawless TETAPI R&D kami memilih campuran rahsia aroma terapi yang popular di Negara Morocco yang membantu memudakan & merawat jerawat.Ianya kaya dengan anti-oksida!Bauannya seperti di dalam SPA 5 bintang.

Ramai dah merasai kehebatan iflawless argan emas yang superb ni!! Siapa nak try bole whatsapp📲 +6 016 668 0905 (Lynn)

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Hoy desde las 11:00 am te esperamos en la Expo Cachagua! #beautyoils #teammarula #marulalovers #stand31

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MOISTURE BOOST FACIAL OIL || Is our little skin saviour this summer! With hydrating and replenishing ingredients such as Rosehip + Acai which provide antioxidant protection and vitamin C, combined with a subtle earthy scent... We ❤️ this Oil!

🌻SKINCARE.ORGANIC.NATURAL🌻 (@miklude_essentials)

Magic Oil
Include: Pure Love Plant Oil and Arbutin.
50ml "See it for yourself"

Experience skin renewal and unclogging of pores.
Lightens skin imperfection.
Guaranteed to lighten skin and even out skin tone.
Pure Love Plant Oil promotes whitening with “NO UGLY PEELING”.
Reduces and prevents stretchmarks
It reduces wrinkles, shrinks the pores and improves elasticity in just a week.
Works within deep cells guaranteeing whitening as it strengthens the outer layer of the skin.
Best skin will be visible in 2-3 weeks.

Safe for Expectant and Lactating moms.
Great to use with sensitive skin.

Price: 450.00

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Minata (@marula_by_minata)

Ya estamos listas! A las 19 inauguración Expo Cachagua! #stand31 #teammarula #beautyoils

Minata (@marula_by_minata)

Hoy 19:30 hrs inauguración Expo Cachagua! Te esperamos en el stand 31 para que conozcas todo sobre Marula oil! #expocachagua #marulalovers #beautyoils


I'm really excited to try out this wee little kit from @trilogyproducts • the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + is my most favourite skincare item! I've gone through bottles and bottles. Looking forward to try out the Gel Cleanser & the Face Lotion #trilogy #skincare #beauty

For The Love Of Skin (@theloveofskin)

Face is dry... Hair is dry... Winter you are killing me slowly but surely!
A trip to the local organic store and I have myself a intriguing little blue bottle.
Mount Purious Camellia oil skin and hair moisturiser kills two birds with one stone... Who doesn't love that? An excuse to buy even more cosmetics 😊🌿 Oily with out being super heavy and helps combat the out of the shower, just washed my hair, spending hours detangling my hair situation!
@mountpurious has @soilassociationbeauty stamp of approval and is vegan friendly... It's an all rounder of skin and hair happiness 💛
For the full review please click the link in the bio ✨✌🏻️🌻

ZAYA ECO Skincare (@zayaoils)

Our last but not least skincare resolution this year. 😉
Everybody knows how important to drink enough water for our health in general and good looking skin in particular, but not all of us like the taste of plain water and prefer coffee or tea instead. Don't panic we still can do it! The latest researches show that we can have up to three cups of tea per day and it will do the same job for our body as water does. For the rest of the day you can simply add slice of lemon in glass of water, or even make one step further and prepare infused water with strawberry, lemon and fresh mint. Let's start drink more water today😊
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Did you know that the skin on your hands was thinner than on the most parts of the body and had fewer oil glands? On top of that they get exposed to the elements quite often and work so hard to fulfill all your wishes. They do deserve royal treatment, no doubts. A combination of hydrating cream and revitalizing oil blend would be one of the best gifts you could offer to your hands. To enhance the experience here is an easy and effective DIY hands scrub recipe for you: take a small bowl, add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Then blend in lemon juice and ZAYA natural and organic Nail oil to achieve desired consistency (easy to spread texture). Mix well together and let the blend sit in the bowl for a couple of minutes. The scrub is ready to use! Massage it gently all over your hands and elbows. When you feel it is enough, just wash the scrub off with lukewarm water and simply wipe them dry with a towel. You don’t need to apply any moisturizer – your skin is already indulging and benefiting from the cocktail of essential fatty acids and vitamins that ZAYA Nail oil has to offer.😊
. . .
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Marula oil en la Expo Cachagua! Te invitamos a conocer las propiedades de nuestro aceite facial en el stand 31! #19al22enero #expocachagua #beautyoils #summer

okokocosmetiques (@okokocosmetiques)

I LOVE LOVE "Les 16 Precieux". With a 100% active ingredients,  this silky smooth dry oil prepares, nourishes and has anti-aging effect. It doesn't clog pored and absorbs instantly. Here's why you should consider introducing Les 16 Precieux to your beauty regime:
✔️1. Provides a topical supplement for the skin
Made with exclusive high performance oils combined with precious Co2 extracts & clinically tested actives, it's designed to provide your skin with the best nutrients and vitamins for healthy & youthful looking skin such as vitamins A, C, D, E, K, squalene, Coenzyme Q10,  nourishing lecithin & much more.
✔️2. Organic, potent, effective formula
This super serum is a unique combination of nature's purest and most potent active ingredients collected from different corners of the world & renowned for their exceptional qualities. Such as prickly pear seed oil (anti-aging), rosehip oil (fade scars), seabuckthorn oil (provide a glow), carrot oil and CO2 extracts with known anti-aging, youth enhancing & skin-rejuvenating benefits.
✔️3. It can be used in many ways such as:
- radiance oil-serum
- eye treatment
- lip treatement
- hand oil treatment
- luxury hair serum
✔️4. A little goes along the way
3-4 drops will suffice to bring clarity and a great luminous complexion. The full size easily last 3-4 months.
✔️5. Speedy skin fix
Applying Les 16 Precieux is a 30s in your beauty routine. Having cleansed and toned, simply warm 3-4 drops of the serum and massage on the face to moisturize, balance your skin’s natural oils, soothe, protect & provide a glow. 
Enjoy a great luminous complexion. Your skin will thank you 💖 🔸
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@Regrann from @thinkdirty - This Ultimate Radiance oil & Anti-aging Serum from @okokocosmetiques is truly unique! 🍃