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Psst! Ook op de Beauty Sleep Power Peel geven we tijdelijk 10% korting, om de komst van de nieuwe Beauty Sleep Power Mist te vieren. Samen vormen ze een super set, waarmee je je huid overnight een salon peeling en anti-aging treatment geeft met glycolzuur en een flinke shot retinol en vitamine ABCDE-complex. Ideaal als je geen tijd hebt om voor de feestdagen nog een behandeling te boeken, maar wel een boost nodig hebt om met kerst te shinen! Shop link in bio...!⠀

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She's toooo pretty 😍

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3 good reasons to sleep as much as possible:
1.) Sleep makes you beautiful ➡️ #beautysleep #sabro
2.) Sleep gives you energy ➡️ #powernap
3.) Sleep lets you bridge the time till the next meal ➡️ #fooddreams

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#study #uoc #ejerciciopráctico #reading #notes #earlymornings so fresh after I went to bed at, literally, 6pm. Really needed some #beautysleep to be able to focus on this today, and it’s working! Let’s start with the #studysession now!

Conita (@conitafit_life)

Happy Saturday babes 🎉 What are you all up to today? It’s 3pm here and I’m still in bed in my pjs, eating delicious cheesecake and falling down the YouTube rabbit hole watching every Korean skincare video ever made 😅 #perfectday I’m really thinking about upping my skin care game next year and would love to hear if any of you has had any experience with Korean beauty, 10-step routines, or have any must-have product recommendations 😊
Have a fab weekend fitties 💕
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Saturday naps with your No. 1 👌🏾❤️
Because who doesn't love them?! 🤷🏼‍♀️😴 #mygoldtan

The Beauty Lodge (@carlythebeautylodge)

Saturday Secrets ✨ 'Tis the season for Smokey / Party / Glittery eye make up 💓
Do not pull or tug around the eye area when removing your party look.
The skin around your eyes is
thinner and more delicate than the rest of your skin.
I always use a cleanser that is gentle enough to use on my eyes.
Simply apply your cream cleanser to the eye area first and softly massage in (this can be done quickly, but gently) Most of your make up will be removed in this step. Remove cleanser with a warm wet flannel and repeat.
When applying the second cleanse, spend longer massaging and melting away the eye make up to ensure every last trace has been removed. Your skin is now ready for your night creams and for your beauty sleep to begin 👀 ❤️ 😴

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When you're missing out on your beauty sleep… 😂🐶 Via @tunameltsmyheart