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The struggle to get that wing on point is real !! βœ”οΈ

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So today I am feeling extra blessed with opportunities coming to my family and I. I know as most Of us Mexicans are feeling like we can't do anything with our lives, with the new president... & are not feeling safe anymore. But today I woke up feeling blessed. My family's (Husband & Parents) business dreams are both coming true. Slowly but surely. With me on the other hand I am working in becoming someone for my Hispanic community! I wanna be a model, and entrepreneur, a leader, a someone. "Model? Your fat, ugly, a mother... you can't make it..." I want to show EVERYONE I can make it. Wether it's through YouTube or something else. I WILL make it, I WILL rub it in people's faces that didn't believe i would make it. Being a somebody doesn't have to fall into the category of being 5'9 & weighing 100 pounds and having blond hair blue eyes....
No I WILL show you guys that i can become someone for being ME!
No matter what color, shape, size you are.. you can make it! & WILL make it! The sun always comes out for people who don't stop! Focus, love whatever your passion is & go for it! ❣️ My dream is to become like @beautyybird @valentin0212! They are my inspiration and not just because they grind so much but how they always remain HUBBLE & stay true to their community! If you guys read this! Dios los bendiga y ojalÑ un día se me aha realidad conocer los en persona! Los quiero mucho gracias por ser una inspiración maravillosa! .
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Soft coralsπŸ’‹
Details will be up soonπŸ˜‰

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@beautyybird Yasmin Maya
looking fabulous in this rompers.
Left romper: @ktalie
Shoes: @lolashoetiquedolls
Bracelet: @lulus
Chocker: @laurasboutique

Right romper: @lulus
Shoes: @lulus
Bracelets: @lulus
Hat: @lulus

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Jeanette (@jeanette_mua_)

Bright tonesπŸ’‹
Brows- @anastasiabeverlyhills
Transition: @maccosmetics golden rod
Crease: @makeupgeekcosmetics cocoa bear
Lid: @maccosmetics retrospeck

Outer corners- @maccosmetics retro liquid lipstick: feels so grand
Middle area- @amrezy @theamrezycollection liquid lipstick in: Brooklyn πŸ’‹