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[MAKE SURE 🔊 IS ON FOR FULL EFFECT] You always have the choice to either give in, give up, or give it all you've got. There's been many times in life where I've felt like giving up, but then I remember why I started. You'll have to fight through some bad days to come out on the other side. Failure isn't an option it's a must. With every great success there first comes failure. We fail, we fail again, we fail better and through this process we get better. Never settle for less.
video captured by @oscar.furtado.
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I feel we miss this one often! How often are we Motivated by just getting things done! #dowhatisright

Tania Moysey (@arbonne_taniam)

A pinch of salt can go a long way in turning an average dish into an appetizing meal that family and friends will love. Salt comes in many forms, not just the white table salt many are used to.
Ninety-eight percent of Himalayan salt is sodium chloride, while the remaining percentage accounts for trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and vanadium.
Using Himalayan salt instead of conventional table salt is a decision that you won’t regret. For starters, Himalayan salt is less processed and does not contain additives, unlike table salt, which is heavily refined and mixed with anti-caking agents like magnesium carbonate or sodium aluminosilicate. Plus, Himalayan salt also has benefits that can impact your body by, promoting healthy pH balance in your cells, improving bone strength, promoting better sinus health and regulating sleep.

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Come test your limits with a cross-fit inspired WOD challenge and for a chance to win Nike's latest training innovation.

Join us at the Nike training space on 12/15 and 12/16 December, at the Dubai Fitness Championship, Dubai Tennis Stadium.

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Can't forget about the last yoga retreat of the year that is just around the corner!! Not even 2 more weeks until a beautiful weekend away filled with yoga, healing therapies, delicious food, wine tasting & chocolate pairing.. who says you can't eat (healthy) chocolate with every meal?!