Ximena Borges - XI.ME.NA (@xi.me.na)

The world is so bizarre right now, Venezuela's government blatantly steals an election from its citizens, a narcissist monkey leads the US, the climate is taking revenge on all we have done to it... Have been immobilized by all of it for months, unable to create anything new. But I realize that isn't helping anyone. I am an artist and I channel the world around me. And so, I moved all my equipment and made myself a new nook to work in, let's see if it sparks the creative desires after they have been dormant for many months... With my dad's painting guiding me for maximum inspiration... #musicianslife

TwiceNewFoundation (@twicenewfoundation)

While we were in the desert we were able to pop over to our friends at @acehotelpalmsprings and collect all these items from an event the night before... A new printer, coffee makers, new dish / glass sets, pillows, food, water, paper goods etc. ALL of these items would have ended up in a dumpster but we were able to bring them to @safehouseofthedesert which provides a safe place for youth in crisis in the Coachella Valley. (I encourage you to look up this amazing organization) There is no reason to throw away items like this when there are SO many people in need πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’› #AlwaysChooseKindness

Stella 🌱 (@veganstella_68)

Love to light a candle this time of year. Every night I light at least one, and dedicate it to someone who needs light in their life, or to someone on the other side of the veil who lit up the lives of others - or didn't, yet still needs some unconditional love
#loveandlight #reikienergy #healingenergy #positiveenergy #fortheanimals #purelove #unconditionallove #bethelight #bekind #compassionateliving

Firefly Hot Yoga Bar (@fireflyhotyogabar)

Dance and fly with Elissa in our new Aerial Dance series! It’s $120 for all classes- find our event on Facebook for the link to sign up πŸ¦‹

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Lorette (@lorettemonaghan)

❀️Good morning lovelies...It is going to be an awesome day..Enjoy your adventures wherever you are. Be kind always and make someone else's day bright...β˜€οΈβ€οΈ

Eileen (@egc1211)

Still amazing, though a rare treat these days! #doms #pausing #keepgoing #choosejoy #bekind #ilovecoffee

lorraine (@lorrainedelru)

This past weekend I met this group of genuine, kind, giving , self-less humans. We came together with one purpose, and despite the lack of volunteers, we made it happen.
Having lived through hurricane Maria and witnessing the aftermath, I can tell you that the crisis is more serve that you might think.
When I heard about what @lets.give is doing, I immediately reached out to them to see how I could help. It means so much to be able to support them in helping people who are still on the island.
I am so inspired by @lamorenitaaa , the founder of @lets.give . She's only 18 and she's not only making an impact in the local community but making change globally.
@lets.give is on a mission to reach areas that have not been reached by larger organizations. They will be personally delivering supplies/resources to Puerto Rico. They will be flying out next Sunday, on October 22.
Also, #Delta is going to wave their baggage fees!!!!!!!! You can STILL support by helping organize/ pack all of the donations or make a monetary donation (link in bio)
Slide left for more info.
P.S. thank you @artsyfartsy_blanche for joining me in cause so close to my heart. #bestiegoals
#helppuertorico #restorehumanity #bekind #nonprofitorganization #letsgivemovement