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Phase 2: Crescent Moon 🌒
As we enter the second phase of the cycle it is time to put together a plan that will help make our New Moon intentions a reality.
This isn’t the time for acting on impulse, but it is the time for being strategic and gathering the resources needed to to make the biggest impact on reaching our goals. Think about what you need to learn, what tools you need to acquire and who you can reach out to for help. Remember, the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed!
Today marks the beginning of the astrological year as the Sun enters firey Aries. This for many who follow the cycle of the zodiac marks their new year, a time to truly start afresh with a brand new energy and lightness of being.
Although the Arien Sun vibes can have our spirits feeling pumped and ready for action, the Moon is now transiting in slow moving Taurus which can leave us needing to slow the pace as we find our footing to make our goals an actual reality.
Taurus is a very grounded sign and one that needs stability to function at its best, and this phase is all about cultivating the plan that will ensure us those sustainable foundations. Plus it gives us the patience to do what is needed at this time.
However, just be mindful that this sign is also about experiencing pleasures, especially of the material world, and we can find ourselves being extra indulgent under this energy, which can lead to us feeling extra idle. If you are feeling more on the lethargic side, being in nature, or around the earth element can give you the boost you need.
By Thursday morning (UK time) Luna will have moved into Gemini where she will stay for the remainder of this phase. This is the sign of connections, and so use this energy to not just connect with those around you, but also to connect the dots in your plan of action.
Gemini is all about gaining knowledge, which is great for this phase, but it also has a restless energy to it, which can make us easily bored and needing to quickly move on to the next thing. Try to remember the bigger picture here so that you can enhance your focus to get things completed and ultimately maximise your potential growth...

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May all who come as guests, leave as friends.
leave good behind, Upgrade .

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Several times, it was admonished to a woeful soul that it should not engage in unbecoming acts. The ungrateful soul did not heed. Ultimately, it could not see the unseen-able. Turn to Allah before it’s too late. 🌹
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Want to thank @ludloweglax for asking me to speak to the team about the power of #belief and preseason #goalsetting last week. It's going to be great season!

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How often are you stopping to appreciate what you have and feel the abundance in your life?⠀

When you're focused on the lack and what you don't have, it makes it very difficult to succeed. ⠀

Take a moment as many times a day as possible to be truly grateful for all beautiful things in your life.⠀

The harder this is, the more you need to practice.⠀

Abundance flows when you're in appreciation mode.⠀

Lack breeds lack...⠀


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“I AM” are the 3 most powerful letters in your vocabulary. The words you put after them, shape your reality and determine what you declare about yourself. -Petra eat juicy
I am stronger today than I have ever been.
I went to an audition today and I loved it! I went in saying I am passionate. I am enough. I am a winner and it changed my whole game. I had high energy, love for those aspiring around me and felt aligned to myself. .... When i was younger and eager to work as a dancer, subconsciously I used to say I am not good enough, or wake up and say I am tired and I am not strong enough. It’s easy when you make others your competition instead of yourself. .... Catch how you speak to yourself. What follows your “I AM”. ....
Another reasons I am
Thankful to a 🙏 raw diet. I feel my greatness in body mind and spirit everyday and closer to the person I was born to be. Thanks to growing strength. Stay hydrated and “be like water my friend” Bruce lee.

How do you talk to yourself lately? “Yo soy” son las 3 letras más potentes de tu vocabulario . Lo que sigue a tu “yo soy” “Eu sou” são as 3 letras mais poderosas do seu vocabulário . O que segue o seu “eu sou”
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It’s #internationaldayofhappiness today! So what makes you happy?! Christopher Baileys final collection supporting #LGBT makes us happy! The start of a movement in fashion and society... and being able to #TALK about feelings/ ourselves/ beliefs openly!

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Tuesday Blues-day... just wanted to see if I still had it goin on and I think I do. I’ve got a lot of work to get back to where I was before I put my guitars up for a year and a half, but I think I’m doin alright for now. Peace, love, and dexterity to y’all. ✌🏼🎸💙💙 #JohnMayer #Belief #JetKing #FenderMustang

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Where you are now is not where you have to stay ✨ #bethechange

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💭🦋When You start living the life of your Dreams, there will always be obstacles, doubters, mistakes and setbacks along the way. But with hard work, perseverance and Self-belief there is no limit to what You can achieve.
В вашем подсознании скрыта Сила, способная перевернуть Мир ...💭🦋 #thoughts #achievement #belief #dreams #selfbelief #everythinghappensforareason #positivevibes #innervoice #healthymind #om #lifequotes #thinking #nycvegan