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It’s not a secret that to grow your cat’s Insta account and to have maximum engagement, you need to attract more followers and get a wider audience for your photos. If you are an active user of multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and others, I recommend that you synchronize your Instagram account with as many networks as possible. So every time you post a photo on Instagram, it will be synchronized on other networks too. 👉Use a free service called #IFTTT for automatic posting on different social networks and services.

This service is convenient because it allows you to not only automatically post on Instagram and other social networks, but you can also use it to sync your Instagram account and use the content in a variety of other services. For example, you can post content on such services as Pinterest, 500px, etc. There are more than 370 of them! 👍

Please note that you can cancel the synchronization at any time. 😻Visit the link in my profile to enroll for Free Workshop and check out more awesome and useful tips.