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I wear my scars and my sins as a permanent reminder on my skin this isn't art and it's not to be beautiful it's a daily reminder of my failures and struggle. Every fuckn morning and all day I have to see them and that's what keeps me going my scars are my motivation. #motivation #tatted #bepositive #topnotch #ironbrothers #iron #scarred #bodybuilding

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I'm a Mormon and once a month I have the opportunity to teach the women in my neighborhood. Today was my week to teach and this quote hit a chord in my soul. I try my best to be a positive and cheerful person, and because of my efforts I know that things will always work out! 😍🤗 #mormon #lds #sunday #restday #gordonbhinckley #becheerful #bepositive #happyspirit #dontworrybehappy #itwillallworkout

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Introducing 'the bump' ... On August 3rd 2016 the clear blue pregnancy test read 2-3 weeks pregnant... Fast forward to this week and I'm 39 weeks pregnant! We're into the 2-3 week homestretch now! I can't wait to meet our little dude! I'm hoping Smith can't wait to meet his little brother. He knows there's a baby in mammy's belly but he's still too young to understand.

Being pregnant this time round has been much the same as with Smith and I'm lucky to say that I've suffered no complications. I did go through a short sad period, but pulled myself out of it and came out stronger. I'm hoping labour goes the same way, as in no complications. I want a quicker labour than Smith. Much quicker. I want to be in and out of the hospital. Not there for five days. Ugh. I did miss dining on sushi, and some shellish. I thought I missed bloody rare steaks but as the time approaches to baby's birth I'm seriously considering becoming a vegetarian again (I gave it a go as a teenager but laxed) ... The whole meat industry is freaking me out. If I knew where my food really came from, and the animals lived happy lives I know I'd feel differently. An alcoholic drink hasn't passed my lips since August and I could care less. Although I'm sure I'll enjoy a fizzy drink this summer when Patrick and I are bopping about to Future Islands in the Iveagh Gardens (or maybe I won't... the plan is for baby to be boob fed for his first six months ... so I'll wing that fizzy drink plan). Pregnancy didn't stop me from being as active as I could be with Smith. It didn't stop us travelling as a family and exploring the world we live in. It didn't stop me experiencing press trips, events and I kept on writing and blogging. I even won an award! (The writing and blogging will be slower in the coming weeks/months though). With Patrick's mum so seriously ill in hospital over the past week it has been hard to concentrate. The excitement of welcoming baby has been overshadowed and that's to be expected. My duty now is to try my best to think and be positive.

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We took this photo on the docks of English Harbor at the end of the first day of shooting my 2017 calendar in the Caribbean. We were chasing the light and trying to beat the onset of mosquitos 🙈 Love this photo!
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Set design:
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Bonitos momentos, nuevos recuerdos! Perchè la cita non è la quantità di volte che respiro, ma i momenti che yo rimanere senza fiato #yo #io #me #newmemories #love #amore #avila #goodmemories #buonitempi #buoniricordi #corsa #paseo #graziemille #bepositive #venezuela🇻🇪 #passeggiatainmontagna #cibo #ride #musica