Nour Çağlar (@nourcaglar)

Hi We started a donation for Çaglar’s birthday. I put the link in the page @mariejawadpanda I know it is in November but we wanted to collect as much as money possible because it is for a good cause and because we are here for a serie. The association is koruncuk. You can check their website.

Their mission is to make children who “need protection”, who do not have a family or who are abondoned or whose personal existence is under threat despite his/her family, who are ignored or abused, or left defenseless against bad habits, successful individuals in the society and to provide solution to the problem of children in need of protection in our country and set an example through the “children’s villages” they have established. Hope you all join us in this beautiful cause.
Please share what you want wherever you want. Please help us donate as much as we can for this beautiful cause in Çaglar’s name because we are all reunited here as his fans.
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