Lia (@lialoulou)

You guys, I've got the perfect solution for a sick, inconsolable baby girl: An awesome dad. Awwwww. #sickgirl #bestdad @jonstierwalt

Resi Lestari (@resilstr)

Babaaaaa On
(Baca : Baba Rony)
#bestdad #daddysgirl #daddy

Rexalynn Walberg (@rexalynn)

Wishing my dad the bestest 80th birthday ever because he's the bestest dad in the whole world! He is what every dad should aim to be! Unconditional love and support to the fullest! May we be blessed to celebrate many more!!! #BestDad #LoveMyDad

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A M E N β€’
To the purest reason for #mcm . You can take me out for dinner, give me a foot rub (pffft), look buff and dreamy, but you want to get me crushing hard? This. When the dad cape is on and you just step back and....breathe...albeit it might be heavy breathing but THIS makes a mommy melt in the best ways possible. Mama's thank yo baby Daddy's tonight for being stellar dads...after all they have to compete with the awesomeness that is us...moms. Tough gig. #mancrushmonday #bestdad #honest

Cierra Nicole Bell (@sexic_2013)

Of course my #MCM is none other than @codytjackson. I just want to tell you that I love you with all my heart and that I appreciate everything that you do for our family. I am a lucky women to have found such a perfect man. I love you πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ˜˜ #day1 #bestfriend #bestdad #bestlove ❀️😍😍

Chewy πŸ–€ (@oh_thats_chewy)

I don’t normally post about how my kids are doing being plenty people take my pics to post as their own or comment for Facebook to see their posts yet can’t pick up the phone to check on any of us . My immediate family receive updates all the time but those who I do have on here who truly show concern and positive prayer Reidan is slowly but surely getting better . Thank you for reaching out to me or Kenneth , it’s greatly appreciated . #Reidan #hernandez #sickbaby #gettingbetter #positiveprayer #bestdad #awesomeparents #teamwork #family #girlsaregreat #thankGod #hestillsmiles #at #everynurse #and #everydoctor

Skye Quintal-Janvier (@novemberskye21)

I never realized how much I loved your daddy until I seen how much he loved you ❀️ #myheart#bestdad#daddysgirl#daddysboy @lucasseward