Stevie (@stevie_pk)

Throwback Thursdays are my favorite, feeling a little nostalgic lately #bestdadever #throwbackthursday #tbt #throwbackthursday

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Happy birthday to daddy👨🏻💋 พยายามหารูปที่หน้าไม่ชัดที่สุด ป๊าไม่ชอบให้ลงsocial😂 #20june2017 #bestdadever

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Secondly I would love to thank my parents for being the best support system they can be. All the strength you guys have to support my every decision and all the time you took for me to have the help I needed. All the sacrifices that you made for me to finally graduate high school was all very much appreciated. There are no words to describe how proud I am to call you my parents. Dad👨🏻, after all these years of you pushing me to become a better me than yesterday. Pushing me to keep doing great and to never let myself fail. And if I did fail you picked me right back up. All these years of your support and all the talks we had when you would drop me off at school will never be forgotten. Since preschool to highschool you have given me my premio.✨ Thank you for being an amazing dad and I will always do whatever I can to make you proud❤️ I love you dad❤️ thank you✨🙏🏻 #bestdadever Mom👩🏻, for years you've been asking for one thing and one thing only, my high school diploma. I would always ask you what you wanted for Mother's Day and your birthday and all were the same answers. You said "I want that diploma". You have been such an inspiration to me and the way you have been supporting me to chase my dreams is unbelievable. I told you that I would keep my promise and I did. My best friend, my mom, my wonder woman💪🏻 I'll always try my very best to continue to make you proud of me. ❤️ Thank you for being my biggest fan and my best friend✨I love you❤️ #bestmomever To both of you I hope I made you guys proud of me. All of the time you made for me and the support you gave me was all worth it. From graduating preschool to graduating high school👩🏻‍🎓 I dedicate my diploma to you guys❤️✨ love you❤️ #parentsoftheyear

Kimber Greenwood (@waterbearphotography)

Baby X and I are headed to Ohio for a few days to visit with family, so I won't be posting much (though I'll still be working and answering messages) while I'm gone. We'll be back on Monday!

Until then, enjoy this sweet moment between father and son! This was part of my Father's Day gift to my husband.
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Rare full-team dinner in celebration of the most extraordinary, tenacious, brilliant (... need i go on?) dad in the world! Thanks for teaching all of us that we're tigers in our own jungle 🐯🙌#whateverthatmeans #bestdadever

Puckett the Rescue Dog (@puckett_the_rescue_dog)

Just a little throwback to a year ago when my dad built me this fabulous house! •
And since I have been on Instagram for just about a month now - here are some fun facts you may not know about me!
The 34 is the number my namesake -Kirby Puckett- played with.
Kirby Puckett played baseball for the Minnesota Twins (my dad's favorite team).
I primarily live in a much bigger house with my mom & dad, but my dad wanted to make sure I have a cozy, safe place to go if I am outside.
• •
•#mntwins #kirbypuckett #baseballdog #twinsfan #doghouse #bestdadever #throwbackthursday

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Father's day this year was harder for me than it has been, but pictures and memories like this keep me smiling. I miss this wonderful man every second of the day. He is everything to me. #fathersday #bestdadever