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Couldn’t do puppy day without sharing a pic of my Zoey girl!
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Kristen Smith Huntington (@kris10msmith)

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never owned a dog.... In honor of National Puppy Day, here's my sweet baby boy at Easter a few years back. I miss this perfect face every day. Cancer sucks. .
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Opie🐾 (@opiethehomie)

Happy National Puppy Day! 🐶 Let's play catch to celebrate 🎉

Julia Slock (@plexusjules)

Happy National Puppy Day to our sweet Marley!!! 🐶❤️ Can't believe he will be 10 this summer!! #dogsofinstagram #marley #familypet #ourfirstborn #lovehim #bestdogever #helovestreats

Happy and Hazel (@happy_hazel123)

Hazel : Hi, my human’s update on Brownie.
To all monitoring Brownie's situation, this is the update...
Brownie’s eyes told me she was unsettled, afraid and needed help.
With the cleaner's help and a lot of luck, I managed to have a collar and leash for Brownie. The cleaner (I called him Brownie's Hero) was visibly upset to let Brownie go. I assured him Brownie is going to be fine.
Slowly, I managed to gain her trust, she hesitated initially but she walked with me. In fact, she walks very well! Better than my dogs. 👍
She allowed me to carry her into the car! We drove off to the vet. She was nervous in the car but that's to be expected.
The vet inspected Brownie and gave her a thumbs up from a physical perspective. The vet recommended a basic blood test to check for heartworms and tick fever. I agreed and Brownie took the blood test injection superbly well! No struggle what so ever! Brave girl!
After waiting for 25minutes, the vet declared Brownie heartworm and tick fever free! Great news! The vet also told me Brownie is sterilised but don't have a microchip... The only issue with Brownie is she is very thin! Well, we’ll work something out for that…
Brownie SMILED for the first time...
After the vet visit, we drove off to my regular groomer to give Brownie a good clean up. Brownie is really dirty which is to be expected. She calmly let the groomer gave her a shower. 😊
Another good news! One kind person offered to foster Brownie for the time being! 😀
Brownie is still not out of the woods yet...Her fate depends on us.
Will keep all posted.

Carol Sondrini (@carolsondrinihomes)

It’s National puppy day and this mop is my Woochie. #bestdogever. #hestolemyheart❤️ #mycockapoo