Elena Sims πŸ’œ (@texgrl91)

My A-1 since day 1 🎿 #hubby

Hypha (@meerkatt17)

So proud of my best friend, Sarah! She's being featured for her poetry at her college. All her hard work has finally paid off!
#sohappy #bestfriend #poetrylover

Beth πŸ™Š (@bethanyroach96)

#tbt NYE with my main girl 😘 love her to bits I've never had a more amazing best friend @frankiemorganx πŸ’• #nye #bestfriend #likeasister #loveher

Dante Guiab (@te_the_bastard)

The universe didnt want us to be together. Sign after sign was thrown our way yet we ignored them. Infedelity is a serious matter, but somehow it seemed to fit us. It wouldnt be the same if it didnt feel so wrong. We were raging against fate for leading us into our respective ball and chain. Twice I tried to walk away, and she wouldn't let me. Didnt take too much persuasion on her part. Shes a drop dead sexy fucking gorgeous badass bitch. Of all my life's loves, she is the one who knows me best. The real me: good, bad, and ugly. We're kindred spirits, likewise slaves to the vices that motivate our taboo and scandalous union. Dangerous and powerful, yet open hearted and loving. I'd do anything for her - my patner in crime, my sadistic lover, my gorgeous nightmare.

Vanessa Chauhan (@miss.vanessa.chauhan)

Where does success and pushing yourself to the next level come from? Sometimes in pageants we are told to be seen as single, but I dont think that I could be my best self without my spouse by my side. Supporting my dreams and goals, pushing me to be better everyday and helping me whenever he can. Thanks to @check_mike_czech for always being there for me! #bestfriend #supportive #goals #dreams #alwaysthere #keepsmemotivated #myoneandonly