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A tall browned haired boy stood awkwardly looking through the glass part of a door with his big hazel eyes full of wonder, as through that door was a bi-weekly LGBT meeting. For many weekends Alec only got himself to the door, never fully went in, he was gay he knew it but found it extremely hard to admit it to anyone other than himself. Watching all the happy teens inside Alec was very envious, he could never have that, even the thought of entering that room made his lungs feel tighter in his chest. A smile formed on his face as he saw all the teens inside dancing, doing art, laughing but what really intrigued Alec was a boy, a boy with Asian features and spiked up hair with a red streak of colour running through it, as well as this he wore makeup that's complimented his skin colour amazingly well, in Alec's eyes this boy was stunning but as soon as he saw people heading to the exit he sprinted away.
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For many people, only my mouth smiles. My heart smiles at you❤️
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