Louis Ganucheau (@louisganucheau)

Words can’t describe how blessed I am seeing this picture with one of my best friends, Pastor Sean Walker sharing GOD’s love with me.

As a Pastor recently said, “I never tire of seeing GOD transform a life”. So true!

Baptism is going public about your faith in Jesus and communicating to the world your heart-felt commitment to following Him. Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward decision, and I loved celebrating this decision with Pastor Sean Walker.
Find out more at www.thebayouchurch.org/baptism

Thank you Pastor @walksean!
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Denz-Dana Calhoun (@ddcalhoun101)

Coming home...Refreshed. Recharged. Let's do this. 🛫#BestIsAhead #ItsAlmostAWrap

Jason Tremblay (@jasontsg)

This weekend was an experience which I’ll always be grateful for. It culminated with an awesome dinner last night at Mitchell’s Steakhouse in Columbus with long-time TSG athletes and now both Arnold Classic Champions @t_atwood and @seanmoser19, along with @chaddolan, @benesgro, and Taylor’s family.
The past two times I’ve attended the Arnold Classic it didn’t end this way. Both previous attempts ended in bomb outs on the Squat instead. In raw powerlifting there is no excuse for this, and I willingly owned up to these adverse experiences as ones which I’d grow from instead of ones which I’d let discourage or defeat me.
I’ve learned through these experiences the importance of openness and humility - these traits truly are the only way forward. I think our results this weekend are a testament to that on so many different fronts. What we’re doing as a team rather than as one is special, and it is a great thrill to overcome these prior adversities through collaboration and sharing.
I’m very proud of @downing_powerlifting and what he has built with the 2x World Champion Ohio State University Powerlifting Club. Sean started off as one of the student athletes on the team, where he trained and developed under John’s guidance and our plans until he graduated. After that, he signed up as a client of our group first under @kriis_d, and now with Ben and I. His development over the past 3 years has been phenomenal, and to watch him receive the gold medal on the Arnold Classic stage yesterday was truly a special moment and significant accomplishment.
Taylor has been an athlete and close friend for 4 years now. Each meet day experience with him, his family, and with my close friend and mentor Ben in the coaches box is always special. Congratulations on putting together one of the best performances in USA Powerlifting and International Powerlifting history yesterday. You were dynamite during your competition yesterday, and it was special to be a part of.
Each competition is another chance to prove ourselves, and I‘m excited for what the future has in store. Now we have 16 weeks to prepare for the World Championship in my hometown of Calgary, Alberta. #BestIsAhead

itsandrea_lynne (@itsandrea_lynne)

You’ve taught me so much but your secret sauce to LIFE #chef is so GOOD & he’d never share his formula but I know you need it! 🙋🏻‍♀️
So can you keep it secret? 🤫
& babe, you earned every bit of this promotion | thanks to your trust in God & daily diligence in + out of “browns” 📦
set goals + crush daily
x be patient
- announcements
= (you decide)

And that is so darn inspiring!!!

Louis Ganucheau (@louisganucheau)

2 Inspirational Dads under 1 Inspirational House of GOD!! You never let us down Pastor Mike Walker with another awesome and inspiring word of GOD. And @msucoachhud, thank you for everything you did for our community and what your future holds for you. You are going to accomplish greatness, GOD is Good!!
#amen 💪🙏🏈
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Rick Steiner (@steiner_rick)

Looking back over the past couple of years motivates me for many reasons. I know that I still have work to do to reach greater potential, personally and professionally. Rest assured, the best is yet to come. #seg2018 #bestisahead #goals #ageisjustanumber #58isabignumber #1%

J.R. Lee (@pastorjrlee)

It’s not even #TBT but I didn’t want to wait! They say the days are long but the years are short. That’s a true story. The good news is that we have LOVED every season and every stage. These three are all unique and amazing and their best is yet to come!

Hallie Strotman (@rogersha710)

Beauty is somehow equated with success, happiness, and self worth.
The world tends to have a narrow view of what qualifies as “beautiful.”
I am on a journey to find my own beauty, to find my confidence, to learn how to define my self worth by non superficial measures.
I am realizing/learning that my joy, confidence, and goals are actually what make me beautiful. They are what make me...me.
I hope my daughter grows up just knowing these simple truths.
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Rajalaxmi Ramanan (@rhythmicraji)

Happy New Year everyone from us @rhythmicraji @raw.vin.the1 🙏Best is yet to come.. Have a super fantabulous new year folks!! Love health and peace to all #happynewyear #2018 #bestisahead #goodtimes #yearago #oldpic