Osheen Prashar (@mysticmaroon_)

-The Guy Best Friend- 🌸🐾
When something amazing happens, he's the first one you want to tell. He's not afraid to tell you when you are with a wrong guy. He knows when things aren't right. He will disconnect your call and call you back. He video calls you for no reason. Even if distant apart he counts on you on what to wear on a date. He'd ask again and again the same question of what suits him the best. He might get cranky more than you. You can be your 100% bitch mode when around him. Your friends wonder why aren't you together yet. But you know he is amazing in every single way and treats you better than any guy ever will!! 👫 @sufiaquib
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JLeo 👍 (@cuteleo88)

When your younger bro ties its knot skipping its big bro. And most of your friends are now on their way doing the same. Wedding bells here and there, is there's still much more pressure than this?#Ralph&Girlie #StartOfForever #ResidensyaDeBanana #BestMan #FamilyOccassion

PAIR. (@pairiiss)

💂🏼💂🏼💂🏼#pairbigjourneytoinfinity ทำไมไม่ครบหมู่เหล่าหละ 😂 #teamgroom #bestman 🖤🖤 #chicplanner

Noel Silverwoman (@noels23)

So after a nervous few weeks I finally did it. I asked him to meet me in a quiet bar where we used to go out many years ago. The stage was set, we had a few drinks but I couldn’t wait any longer. I leant in and quietly said ‘Will you be my best man’? He looked at me, his eyes glistening with emotion and eventually he whispered back...... ‘Of course' I thought you'd never ask’. We shook on it, had a chicken sandwich and got the bus home. THE END
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The Dedge Collection (@dedgecollection)

Something dapper for the wedding tomorrow 😉
Dedge collection featuring @seunnuel_cord bracelets.
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