Ashly Tavares (@ashlepps)

Oh Steve what I could say about us. Crazy. Silly. Fun. I remember this day so clearly. We had so many laughs. The day you moved to woodbine. Verified the lasting bond we’d always had. You were the one person I trusted everything to. You would never judge me. But you’d give me a kick in the ass when I needed it. I love you so much buddy. I still can’t believe you’ve been gone almost 4 years. I’m thankful for all the memories we made together. Miss you Stevo. ❤️#bestfriend #woodbine #missyou #bestmemories

Irinka Smirnova (@iris_smirnova16)

С Днюхой, лучший барабанщик лучшей группы Вселенной! 😎🤘✌️#жэка #happybirthday #bestmemories

Fiona ☺️ (@fionaschrader)

in distance apart but never in heart 💕😋 #bestmemories

Comer Viajar por @w3malves (@comerviajar)

Outra vez... #SegundaCasa 🚌 ✈️ que Deus abençoe! 🙏 vamos 🇧🇷 going to 🇲🇽 at @comerviajar