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The miracle of birth | nxai pan | botswana 2017
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Our first time at Nxai Pan in the third week of October was a bit unexpected. On our way from the main gate to the Nxai Pan game reserve we came on a deep sand 4x4 track into heavy rain with even hail in. In seconds the temperature went down from 35 to 15 degrees, I hardly could see anything and tried to keep on driving. After 10 minutes everything was over and the ranger at the Nxai Pan didn`t even believe us until I showed him a video of the action. It is all about rain in Botswana and everybody is longing for the first rain in October. This was our first rain in Botswana and not the last one. In the evening a thunderstorm with a lot of lightenings was expecting us. During the morning game drive we hardly saw any animals as none of them needed to stay close to the waterhole anymore, they all disappeared on the Pan and so we just enjoyed the morning drive. Safari Game Drives are as praline, you never know what to expect. Closte to the Nxai Pan Lodge we bumped into this Steenbock female who had just give birth, maybe the first Steenbock baby at the Nxai Pan in October and to be honest quite early. Steenbocks can adapt pregnancy for some time to wait to give birth close after the first rain. This baby was hardly a couple of minutes old an could barely stay on his own feet. Less than five minutes later it was as fast as the mother. Born to run said our ranger. Mother nature is just incredible, that is what is on my mind every day I´m spending in Africa and I love it…! #travel #instatravel #exclusive_shot #gothere #travelblogger #getlostnow #our_world_places #neverstopexploring #beautifuldestinstions #instapassport #postcardsfromtheworld #photography #travelgram #mytravelgram #greatesttravels #africanamazing #bestnatureshots #safari #afrika #mytravelgram #africanwildlife #african_portraits #natgeowild #iloveafrica #botswana #elephant #wildlife #nxai_pan #steenbock #baby

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