Emalie (@myveganstateofmind)

Raw pizza from @mergebuffalo 💚 I had this a couple weeks ago when I was at Merge and thought this was delicious and refreshing. Buckwheat crust with cashew cheese spread, topped with fresh vegetables 👌🏼

Sofia 🌱 (@health_and_chocolate)

Hey 👋🏼. How's your week going? I have my parents here visiting for a few days and I also have the day off (like many of you I guess 😃). But now I wanna introduce you to these stack of heavenly fluffy pancakes by the lovely @cleaneatingbyannika (I just wanna dive down and swim 😂). She's a nutritionist and has done an incredible health journey. I love to read these kind of stories 👊🏼. You should definitely go and check out her account 🌟🌟🌟. Have a wonderful day!!

PNW • Cats • Vegan & Tattoos (@madame.vegan.ann)

Reuben for babe; gluten-free club for myself with a side of greens, avocado and hash browns INSIDE with ranch. 🙌🖤 Bless you @waywardvegancafe #WaywardVeganCafe

Jaymi • 🌸🌞 (@jaymidaily)

Vancouver transitioned to summer overnight so that means fresh C O R N 🌽! Our dinner tonight was sweet Korean lentils (recipe from @itdoesnttastelikechicken) on rice🍚, steamed bok choy, and of course lots of corn on the cob. Great weather calls for great meals! ☀️

Nare Melekyan🍃🐒 (@veganality)

⚡️Innergy Restore & Replenish IV⚡️ Everyone go follow my Brother's new Naturopathic Medical Clinic @iminnergy!! Coming Very Very Soon 😻 I'll keep you updated 😉

RIRE: Sacramento + Davis + Web (@rireboutique)

😋 When you can't decide, get all the slices! #humpdaytreat
📸: @naturally.jo
× Recipe available at @naturally.jo

Рецепты без мяса 🌱 (@vegan_pp_)

Яблочный штрудель
400 г пшеничной муки
1/2 ч. л. соли
2 ст. л. оливкового масла
1/2 ч. л. яблочного уксуса
200 мл кипяченной воды
4 яблока
70 г изюма
50 г грецкого ореха
50 г миндаля
3 ст. л. любого подсластителя
2 ч. л. корицы
1. В емкость влить теплую кипяченую воду, добавить соль и яблочный уксус. Размешать.
Начать сыпать муку и замешивать тесто.
В процессе замешивания понемногу добавлять оливковое масло.
Хорошо вымешивать до того момента, чтобы перестало липнуть к рукам.
Оставить тесто под чашкой "отдохнуть" на 30 минут.
2. Пока тесто настаивается - приготовить начинку.
Яблоки очистить от кожуры и сердцевины, порезать небольшими плоскими дольками.
Изюм промыть. Орехи перемолоть или растолочь, но не до состояния муки.
Все перемешать в одной миске, добавить подсластитель и корицу.
Настаивать пока тесто не будет готово.
3. Тесто раскатать тонко-тонко, смазать оливковым маслом и подсластителем с внутренней стороны, ровным слоем выложить начинку и скатать рулет.
Концы закрыть.
Поставить в разогретую духовку до 170 градусов на 15 минут. Наблюдайте, что бы не сгорело тесто.
Оно должно стать румяным.
Приятного аппетита!

Sarah 🌿 (@sarahsveganeats)

OG macro bowl with avocado and satay dressing (zeitgeist is now 'verd' by the way)

Michi Ⓥ (@michilifestyle_)

A wonderful morning my friends! 🙋
I hope you had a restful night and a fabulous start in this new day 🌅
I started my day with my morning routine and a long meditation in my garden 🎎
I'm so excited, because today I will travel spontaneous to berlin for the dnx conference @dnxglobal ✴️❇️
I never was spontaneous. But my inner voice told me yesterday that this would be an important next step for me. ⭕️
Are you spontaneous? Or should be everything planned in your life? 🔴
On the pictures you can see my soy yogurt from @alpro of yesterday evening made with bananas, blueberries and physalis 🍑🍇
Now I'm on the road to the gym 🏋️
So, I wish you a fantastic day with a lot of quality time today, my foodlovers 😊
See you later! 🙋🌇

Shira | VEGAN 🌿 Sydney (@living_veg)

Buddha bowl filled with quinoa, chickpeas, grilled capsicum, steamed kale, cherry tomatoes and avocado 🍅🥑🌿 See how I made it in my latest 'What I Ate Today' video (link in bio) 😜✌🏼

Andrea Aguerrebere (@andysvegankitchen)

Purple Cabbage Boats with Peanut Tofu for meal of day 8 of @veganreset

2 purple cabbage leaves
1 serving peanut tofu (extra firm tofu, peanut butter, olive oil, green onion, minced garlic, tamari sauce, smoked paprika, peanuts, 1 pinch of sea salt)
1 serving cooked veggie mix
fresh cilantro to garnish (optional)

All recipes have turned out so delicious! I had never eaten tofu in my life, at least that I know haha And I used to think I never would. But playing along with all recipes as close to them as I could, decided to try! Loved it! It was so good! And even Milo tried it and asked for more. I am loving this vegan reset experience! 😃😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #vegan #purplecabbageboats #tofuandpeanuts #delicious #tofu #peanuts #veganrecipe #veganism #veganfood #vegannoms #veganmeal #veganeats #veganfoodshare #veganreset #bestofvegan #dairyfree #meatfree #crueltyfree #healthy #healthyfamily #healthyeating #healthymeal #eatclean #colorful #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #happy #thankful

gianna | plant based 🌿 (@veganbygianna)

When your enchiladas are sexier than you'll ever be 😂😂 this was the best thing I ate in Mexico and it was made special by the chef because they didn't have anything vegan on the menu! Mushroom enchiladas covered in zucchini flour sauce and hot sauce 🍄🌮🔥 missing these so much right now 😭😭 have a good night everyone!! 💕
#vegan #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #govegan #veganlifestyle #whatveganseat #crueltyfree #plantbased #health #buddha #fitness #yum #vegetarian #detox #natural #veggies #healthy #bestofvegan #clean #art #cleaneats #nutritious #foodblogger #foodporn #carbthefuckup #plantpower #loveyourbody #lovetheworld#veganmenu

Gabrielle Tornquist (@plantstronggabby)

Can you tell I'm vegan? 😂 also no outfit is complete without dog fur right?

Jashewa Basfood (@jashewa_basfood)

A life without fried chicken is hardly a life at all. And I managed to make it without harming a single chicken! Magic! 🎩🐓(This was adapted from a couple of recipes doing the rounds online, along with my own ideas/ingredients. My recipe is in the comments)

TheCakeBlogger (@thecakeblogger)

By @rainbownourishments - Edible rose petals and crushed pistachios always makes cakes look 10000% more elegant ;). This is a black forest raw cake for a customer!
I'm off to Sydney tomorrow to host workshops at @cornersmith! I can't wait to meet everyone :). But first, I need to load my little hatchback with half of my kitchen (ugh)! I did a little shop at @nkdfoods_braddon / @nakedfoods today in preperation for the workshops (check out my IG stories) and am almost all ready! Xo
#wholefoods #nourish #food #foodporn #foodie #healthy #vegan #vegansofig #rawvegan #healthyvegan #plantbased #f52grams #feedfeed #heresmyfood #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #letscookvegan #vegansofig #bestofvegan #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeast #foodphotography #foodstyling #dessert #vegansofsydney #sydneyvegans #sydneyfood #sydneyeats

Michael J Brancato ♍️ (@veganmjb)

Today is my three year vegan birthday/veganniversary!! This is my second birthday aside from my real birthday that I appreciate so much. Three years ago today I decided to change my life forever. I was at my heaviest of 192lbs and I was having digestive system issues and they were getting worse. I couldn't finish a full meal without having to goto the bathroom and when I came back, I didn't want the food. I felt nausea throughout the day and when I was super painfully hungry, I could barely eat without getting full so quick. I would constantly have diarrhea all throughout the day. My Doctor classified it as IBS-D and recommended a couple things and prescribed me pills to harden my stool. Nothing seemed to work and I felt I was on the road to disaster. That's when I learned about going vegan and I learned about holistic approach to health.

Going vegan allowed me to loose almost 50lbs and get my health back on track. I eliminated all my symptoms and became healthy again. I didn't have much support and I had to do it all on my own and not too many people were supportive of me initially and some people still aren't. The majority of people didn't appreciate me going vegan and looked at me negatively. They wanted me to go out to eat all the time and eat some greasy Mexican food all the time. Going vegan was very easy for me, but the hardest part was the people around you accepting you for who you are. These people don't appreciate people trying to be healthy and they don't appreciate animals either. After about a year going vegan I began to really appreciate animals and understand the horrific part animal cruelity. I was constantly pressured into eating meat, garbage food, and talked down to if I was against it. People judged me so much, they assumed I was judging them for not being vegan too.

More in comments.

LA-based vegan food junkie🌱🍴🌇🌊 (@veganwave)

I normally wouldn't associate a #risotto with the word "refreshing", but @cruciferousla's Green Spring Risotto is #RefreshingAF 😋💚 And topped with #popcorn!🍿#thebest 🙌🙌