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If you are running a successful business and still struggle with knowing what to wear to meetings, home parties or networking events, you are missing out on a key component that will help you succeed. ⠀

Show your prospects and team members the fabulous woman that you are by expressing yourself with style. The traditional rules of “dressing for success” (suits, neutrals, basically anything that stifles self-expression) are no longer relevant in the world of social selling, online business, network marketing and direct sales. ⠀

People want to know YOU, not someone putting on a facade in a stuffy suit!⠀

Learn more at {link in profile}⠀

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AND because I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your continued love and support over the past few years!! 😘
I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I launched my first product 😲 In honor of the season of giving, ALL of my programs are on sale through Sunday at midnight - link in bio, enter code: THANKFUL #HappyTraining #ElevateYourLife #HappyThanksgiving #BlackFridaySale #KelseyMeadFit #SharingTheGiftOfFitness

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Wolves 🐺
Photographer: @r1chard.ray
Hair & Make-Up: @dmvdryby

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PLEASE READ: You must learn to trust that there is a future waiting for you that is beyond what you might be able to grasp at this present moment. Keep taking those small steps forward, keep focusing on the taking the actions that produce results. .
Working on self improvement whether it's a more positive mindset, something fitness related or your business and then immediately checking for results - and getting upset and setback when you don't see them is silly. When you want to grow a plant, do you water it and then sit beside it and stare until it grows? Does it upset you when a sprout doesn't immediately break through the dirt? When it does finally start poking out do you yell at it " faster, faster!!" And stop watering it when it doesn't immediately respond to the water become a tree? Everyone said that you need water and sunlight to grow this plant and you've been doing that for a couple of weeks and it still isn't growing fast enough. Water and sunlight must not work. Do you see where I'm getting at?
When you truly are committed to the result, the amount of time it takes to get there becomes irrelevant. You keep working and watering until it gets there, and then to sustain it- you keep doing that some more. .
So if you already know that in order to keep your business or healthy body going it will require ongoing work - even when you reach your current goal- why do you keep stopping? Whatever it takes to get there- come to the realization that this is just what you do now. This is part of your new lifestyle, the new you. I promise if you put your head down and just do the work- not one day when you're ready but NOW- you'll seriously surprise yourself with how far you can go. Just like that always empty patch of dirt seemingly overnight has a giant tree in its place, you too are capable of immense growth if you just keep going. ❤️🌳🌱🍃

🌻🌹❤️🐍🐶 (@cayslug)

#WCW :: I am so proud to call this #talented, #wholesome #babe my #bestfriend💕This #worm gives me #hellalove and support everyday. EVERYDAY.. Do you have someone that #encourages you to be your #bestself?🌻
I love you @schusarahmacher, I think we are #awefull and living our #bestlife . I'm so glad to have you in my world🙏🏽✨I'm you're biggest fan😛😍🎀
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Actual Angel ☁️✨♥️
I miss my sunflower garden so much! Remembering what I’m grateful for today. It’s not selfish to say myself. I am my own caretaker and I think we all deserve a space to feel thankful that we have the strength and resilience to care for ourselves everyday.

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The purpose of asana is the have a more intimate relationship with your body, breath, and all of life. It is to witness and participate in the dance of strength and your ability to be soft and receptive. Asana is for the breath. Breathe well friends 🕉️

#soulofyoga #hathayoga 📷: @taoofjack

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Find the version of you that YOU love most. It’s easy for people outside of the sport to tell you where you need to improve or areas you can bring up but they are the spectator and you are the athlete. Rest assured that we know. We look in the mirror and pick apart our own weakness. ______________________________________________________________#bestself #lovelife #trusttheprocess #secure #happiness #beyourself #fitness #picoftheday #lifecoach #fitnessmodel #instafit #humpday #fitnessmotivation #girlswholift #riseandgrind #riseabove #athlete #physique #womensphysique #ironaddict #fitspo #follow4follow #fitnessjourney #road to pro #fitfam #fitmom #fitspiration

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#WCW Freak Fitness Bikini Athlete @janelley_xox 💪🏼🖤
We don’t stop when we’re tired. We stop when we’re done. 😤

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In life, pain can oftentimes seem inevitable. However, long-term suffering is optional - undergoing a blow that breaks open your heart and brings you to your knees is potentially the best time for deep, personal growth.
Contact us today so we can begin guiding you through the healing process!

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Over here jus workin on dem pearly whites with @carboncocoau 💁🏼‍♀️

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#breakfasttime Trying to hold some food down after yesterday’s downfall on my health. I could not eat, the cold was killing my aches and pains, and on top I ran a fever with chills as I got home back from work. I could not even move from my bed. I am glad is a new day and I just finished my delicious breakfast and could hold it on my stomach. <Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I’m really bombed that my health is so fragile to enjoy it! I usually have everything Plan and in order many days before. I have not Plan anything as of yet. I will today start my last minute holiday.
I’m feeling a little better now, and feeling more energy and strength. So, I will get up and Thanksgiving is going down baby. I know things come down fine in the end.
The challenges you face in life make strong and push you to continue. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday, no Matter what you do just be grateful to have one more day and be alive. Happy Day! 💪🏻🦃🧡🍁🎃
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And that, my friends, is a wrap!
Thank you to the amazing participants of the Play It Big program!! We laughed, we cried, we met our most powerful selves and together we created a most inspiring future. It is the magic that happens when we let ourselves be human; messy, glorious, brave humans.
#playitbig #workhappy

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The responsibility of guiding the next generations in making healthy choices, and helping them create healthy habits rests on our shoulders. .