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#tb to #bettertimes in the #snow and taking pictures in front of toilets. We suck but we tried. #flachau #mountains

Healing Solutions with Monica (@mdlhealingsolutions)

Just over 10 years ago hubby and I had something happen to us that completely knocked us off our perches. This event took the life we had known, ‘friends’, money, family, faith, trust, and our confidence and belief in ourselves away in the space of one day.⠀
I did not know how to move through the hurt, pain and anguish. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t laugh, I was existing… except for the times that I was with my daughters and then I found the strength to ‘be mum’ with them as I wanted to protect them from my distress.⠀
With my hand on my heart, I can tell you all that I am so very grateful for what happened. After the initial few years, I realised that I had changed. I had woken from a dream state that had been my life prior and was finally living my truth. ⠀
When I was finally able to see through the pain, I realised that I had gained so much. I developed real, solid and authentic relationships with my husband and children, and was able to look at the world without my blinders on… and I still liked it!⠀
I am in no way suggesting that this was easy and it sure as heck wasn’t but, along the way, the Universe sent me the right people/teachers/mentors at the exact time I needed them and for that I will be eternally grateful!⠀
If you, or someone you know, is in an unhappy place just know that if you look around, the Universe is sending you the aide that will help you start slowly inching out of the quicksand you feel you are in.⠀
I promise you that you WILL SHINE AGAIN… have faith and believe. ⠀
Blessings to you all xx

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Things in life won't always go the way you want it. #tb #bettertimes

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Went to vote! Time to celebrate and hope for better times under better leaders! #vote #celebration #leaders #bettertimes #onolove

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I need my waist trainer back 😫😫 #bettertimes

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« When I was younger
I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart
And I watched
As he tried to reassemble it » ~ Paramore - « The only exception »

merci @tami_macaroni pour les photos.. ❤️ #old #pictures #dad #daddy #miss #missing #color #youngertimes #bettertimes

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A couple candid shots from Saturday. Met some really cool people also, evidence that I do actually smile 😆😅 #BehindTheScenes #SeoulSearching #Smiles #BetterTimes


Better times, awesome right now. 😉