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Happy Thursday Guys!
Real estate tip of the day 😉

Something to think about 🤔

This was in one of the videos I was watching this morning while I was doing my cardio.

Thought I’d share!

Know who you are!

Be who you are!

Make the most of it!
Live YOUR best life!
Use the gift of the day to build momentum and make progress towards the physical manifestations and realizations of your heart!
Never forgotten! #gregplitt #beremembered
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Be Inspired! (

You can do anything if you work hard enough. Belive in yourself and the world can be yours. Be confident with yourself and know there‘s nothing too difficult for you to achieve your goals!

Vero Arredondo💋 (@veroarredondo)

¡Nunca te rindas!💜
A veces sentimos que no avanzamos para llegar a alguna meta o sueño, pero recuerda que cada pequeño o gran paso que hagas te acercas más 💭
¡No te rindas, disfruta cada momento, cada tropiezo, cada avance!✨
.#DreamBig #BeYou #YMexico #BeYounique #YLook #BeLoved

Tara (@fitbytara)

Ventured out today and got to actually wear my Sorel boots!🤗 I love these boots! Stay warm Weatherford (who knows, tomorrow could be 80 degrees🤷🏼‍♀️)! #iceland #texasweather #ilovetexas

Kate Mellis (@luminouscalligraphy)

Be real, be you, be authentic, be true to yourself.
For some reason this morning I though I’d try take a selfie snap to update my profile shot (some background info for you, I strongly dislike having photos taken- my fam and friends will be nodding their heads right now - I just don’t think I’m that photogenic and well, I just don’t like it, so this is a rare occurrence for me! 🤣). I was hoping it was just the poor light this morning with the fog and rain we have at the moment but every photo was terrible - why oh why does every single wrinkle come to the surface when the camera comes out???? Lol!
Really though, what is the point in putting on facades, trying to be something your not! Life’s short and there’s only one you! Shine with all you have, wrinkles, warts and all, because real beauty is only seen when you be real and be you. Yes I have wrinkles, yes I’m not as young as I used to be but that’s ok! Each wrinkle and fine line holds hidden stories of life, good and bad, it’s shaped the person you’ve become and out of that comes wisdom & strength that is only learnt through time and life experiences. When you decide to use that to help others in their journey your real beauty will be evident to those around you. Don’t pretend to be something or someone you’re not, embrace you & be you and everyone will be better for it!
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Have a beautiful day my friends! What do you think of this pic?♥️♥️ Sending Roxxy Kisses 💋💋💋

Sarah Louise Brennan (@slbrennan75)

As a woman, society tries to say I should be offended by this joke. Ok it is a bit crap but because I'm my own person and don't do as society expects me to, I did actually laugh out loud at this so decided to share it with you #friday #funny #humour #jokes #laughoutloud #sexist #screwsociety #beyou #sorrynotsorry #viagrajokes

Rayna Eliza (

Self portrait I did :) desperately waiting for nice weather so I can shoot outside !!

Shaleawittichfitness (@shalea_w)

It’s funny because I hear so many people talk about different social media dos and donts. Don’t post food pics ~that’s silly. Don’t post something that makes you look pretty ~ someone might think your high on yourself. Don’t post something that your not all done up in ~ it shows you don’t love yourself. Don’t post something emotional ~ it looks like your trying to get attention. Don’t post something too happy ~ it shows your trying to be better then everyone else.... there are so many more rules then this too. How about you go find yourself and fly! Go be you!!Don’t worry about the people who judge you. They will judge you no matter what. Worry about what makes you happy! I AM ME. My new business makes me quite vulnerable and I break sooo many of the do’s and dont’s and guess what??? I’m so proud of myself for getting to this point in my life when I am myself 💕 when I post what I post IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU and it’s not about me thinking I look great. Guys I have soo many flaws and I know it. The fact I have gotten to a point where I am brave enough to not look perfect is the most freeing feeling I have ever felt. #myjourney #myhealthylife #myhealthjourney #embraceyourself #beyou #findyourself #findyourpassion #beyourownkindofbeautiful #coachlife

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Our @thpruns community is what it’s all about. The running is icing on the cake.
#Repost @pam_rickard with @get_repost
My mail just reminded me there is so much good in this world! My girl Danielle Lussier had this made for me, celebrating last year’s Boston, which was also my 11yr sobriety anniversary.
ALL the feels! I ADORE this! 💙💛
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