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Das Make-up, Beauty und ein tolles Aussehen keine Frage des Alters ist, hatte unsere Make-upartistin und Gründerin der Make-up& Stylebar gestern bei dem Styling von Birgit Schrowange für die goldene Kamera bewiesen. Sieht Birgit nicht einfach strahlend aus ?? 👌💥👌 #Makeupartist #hairstylist #beautycoach #birgitschrowange #goldenekamera2018 #hamburg #hair #makeup #beautyforyou #beYOUtiful

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Look at this beautiful girl💓 nobody deserves to hate on her she deserves the world than haters Malu if you see this stay happy and positive people want attention💓✨you are beautiful there jealous thanks for always being such an amazing role model to your fandom I see lives of you crying malu💓 it makes me sad you are a beautiful girl once again and deserve everything in the world the work you’ve done to change your ways is amazing but no Matter how many times you change you are still perfect no matter what I hope you can dm me because I want to tell you how important you are to the world and everyone💓 don’t listen to people’s opinions everyone has a fact about you : and it’s YOUR BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT💓 that’s a fact stated and proven I love you check dm💓 #staystrong #beyoutiful @malutrevejo

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Early morning #rebelliousselflove catch up. Day five - flip or roll - and I'll be sending this to all of the girls out there pretending to be nice, while acting any other way behind our backs. This especially goes out to the girl that flirted with my boyfriend and when she then found out about me - and met me - spent 2 weeks saying "awww, you have like SUCH a pretty face - like really pretty - doesn't she just have a pretty face people?". FUCK.YOU.
#broughttoyoubyfridaymorning #fatandhappy #beyoutiful

Ju Le (

❤️Happiness can only exist in acceptance.❤️ 1⃣ Höre auf zu Bewerten!

Denn daraus entstehen nur negative Energien, wie Neid, Hass und und mangelndes Selbstwertgefühl!
Ihr seht Menschen, die ihr nicht kennt, Situationen, die neu sind und bewertet diese automatisch. Warum? Weil ihr durch gespeicherte Muster im Kopf diese Situationen und Verhaltensweisen direkt in Schemata einordnet. Das Ego von uns tut es automatisch. Aber all diese negativen Energien brauchen wir nicht.

Wie trimmen wir unser Ego, das Bewerten zu lassen? Situationen und Menschen zu akzeptieren wie sie sind !? Arjuana Ardagh hat die Methode " -so wie ich" beschrieben. Da hängt man einfach an jeden Satz der Bewertung diese Endung. Bsp.: Der ist aber ganz schön ungebildet - so wie ich. Wenn wir das eine Weile tun, verliert das Ego ganz schnell die Lust daran zu bewerten, weil es merkt, dass wir diese Schemata aus bekannten Situationen von uns selbst kennen.

Einige andere Ansätze schaffen einfach den Abstand zur Bewertung. Beispielsweise durchs Hinterfragen (was ist positiv? Was haben wir gemeinsam?,...) Oder durch das Bewusstmachen "Ich bin nicht meine Gedanken" nach jeder Bewertung.

Ich finde es ganz schön krass, wie viel man bewertet, wenn man Mal bewusst drüber nachdenkt. 😱Und viel zu viel negativ...🙄 Wie ist das bei euch?
Habt einen tollen Freitag 🌟💟 #friday #weekendmood #dailyinspiration ❣️
#positivevibes #mindfulness #mindset #behappy #inspirationalquotes #motivationquotes #justdoit #loveyourself #believeinyou #happiness #justme #youareworthit #youcandoit #youarebeautiful #beyoutiful #smiletolife #modeling #model #femalemodel #hamburg #scouting #fitgirl #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #soulfood #transformation #dowhatmakesyouhappy

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아니, 겟뷰에서 페스티벌을 한다고?! 가즈아~!
씬님, 이사배 등 TOP 뷰티 인플루언서들과 함께 할 수 있는
신개념 뷰티 엔터테인먼트 페스티벌 #겟잇뷰티콘 #beyoutiful
3월 9일 (금) ~ 3월 11일 (일) 코엑스 C홀
송지효, 장윤주, 김수미, 문가비, 이사배, 씬님, 회사원A 外 -
★금요일 4시 이후 입장 한정 50% 할인 티켓★ 추가 오픈!
1만원대 가격으로 <겟잇뷰티콘> 만나러 가기

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#throwbackthursday Halloween 2016 ♡ Me expressing my creative side & love for makeup.
Although I do not offer makeup applications in my business, it is a huge part of my love for this diverse industry.

Robbie⚔️ (@racksandrescues)

When it's all about leg day ☺️
🤷🏻‍♀️If you wanna know what I did•
3 sets 25 Reps increasing weight-
3 sets 25 reps decreasing weight-
4 sets 20 reps increasing weight-
4 sets 20 reps decreasing weight-
4 sets 25 reps increasing weight-
4 sets 20 reps increasing weight-
4 sets 25 reps increasing weight-
4 sets 25 reps decreasing weight-
5 sets 25 reps increasing weight-
25 reps decreased weight by half-
25 reps decreased weight to starting point-
💫Bonus Round💫
2 sets 20 reps toes straight-
2 sets 20 reps toes in-
2 sets 20 reps toes out-
2 sets 20 reps heel dip-
4 sets 25 reps-
4 sets 25 reps
4 sets 25 reps using weight
4 sets 25 reps- •-LONG ARM CRUNCH-•
4 sets 25 reps using weight-
#Quads #LegDay #Strength #Abs #NeverGiveUp #ShesGotLegs #FoodIsFuel #Healthy #Workout #Grind #GoHardOrGoHome #Scars #Survivor #Endometriosis #Warrior #Love #Fitness #Weights #BeYOUtiful #GirlsWithMuscle #GirlsWithTattoos #MomsWithCameras #Country #AmericanMuscle #AmericanMade #Texas #TheLittleEngineThatCould

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Oh yes! Every now and then I find quotes that I can’t live without. #benice #goddontlikeugly #leadbyexample #standtall #bepositive #BEYOUtiful