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Paro airport is one of the most difficult airports to land into. Very few pilots are qualified enough to land here.
Throwback to the time when I survived this flight 😬😜
and entered this carbon negative country 😊🇧🇹
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Yes - that is Chicken! Enjoy the moment. Cheers 🥂 #bhutan #bhutanmajestictravel

Bhutan Majestic Travel (@bhutanmajestictravel)

Motor road distance coverage between the 20 Districts of Bhutan. #bhutan #motorroadmap #bhutanmajestictravel

Bhutan Majestic Travel (@bhutanmajestictravel)

Australian - Bhutanese & Mexican makes us Happy Four, Cheers. #bhutan #bhutanmajestictravel #bhutantravel

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Tour of Bhutan
Check the link for details... "Gawa rang gi zon go zo; choem rang gi choen go choel." Whatever misery you seek, it can be found by yourself. (state of your mind).Whatever joy you seek, it can be achieved by yourself .
Bhutan is very Unique?
Bhutan as a country has always remained elusive and there is an air of mysticism about this hidden Mountain Himalayan Kingdom. If you are a person who is looking to an offbeat holiday destination – with Family or as solo, we have found Bhutan to be an exceptional destination for a week to 15 days. There is boundless nature, trekking, culture, bird watching and few more dos in Bhutan. Of course exploring the country on Motorcycle is a cut above the rest of the experiences.

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Going from Trashigang to Phongmey in Eastern Bhutan, the road had washed out during the previous monsoon season, so we were left to find our own way across the stream. #bhutan #roadwashout

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Best B'day😍
Time spent with family is worth every second💟
Thank you Chachi for this cake😍 It was just amazing
Thanks Mom,Dad,Chacha,Chachi for everything
@yogesh.2013 Seriously,we missed you a lot😘
Thanks everyone for you wishes and blessings💞💞💞
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