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How I Built My Chest in Only 5 Minutes Per Day💪💪💪When the military is training, they do pushups and lots of them. They do them every day. I’m sure they do them so much that they are doing them in their dreams. So I set out with a plan.
I did pushups every day for 3-months straight. In those 3-months time, I made more progress on my chest than I had in the past 3 years. It was insanely satisfying. That’s where the 5-Minute Pushup Challenge was born.
The 5-Minute Pushup Challenge
On day 1, I want you to do as many pushups as possible. Rest 60 seconds, then do another set of as many pushups as possible. You are only to count full-range of motion pushups. As soon as you start to fatigue and lose your form, you’re done. Record the number of full range of motion pushups you completed. This is your starting point.
For example, if you were able to do 20 perfect pushups your first set, and then 13 perfect pushups your second set, then your total number for that day is 20+13 = 33.
Once you have this number, you will do 1 more pushup every day for 90 days. So on day 2, you’ll do 34 pushups, day 3 you ‘ll do 35 pushups, day 4 you’ll do 36 pushups and so on.
Here’s the protocol. Do as many pushups as possible (with perfect form). Rest 60 seconds, and do as many pushups as possible with perfect form. Rest another 60 seconds and keep going until you’ve hit your total number of reps for that day. This shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes per day.
I challenge you to do this routine for 90 days straight in addition to your current gym workouts. This is not a substitute for what you do in the gym, it’s simply an accelerator. If you’re looking for a gym routine, then I highly recommend the Hollywood X (link in my bio).
I guarantee in 90 days, you’ll have a bigger, wider, and stronger chest.

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You know me, I like to see a big bench. We had some guys come out to play at the most recent Mastering the Basics workshop! Get to Gig Harbor, WA July 29 at @narrowscrossfit and tighten up the king of lifts. Registration link is in my bio!
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I don’t usually focus on weight much and I haven’t flat benched heavy in a while...I more so on form and repitition.... but 8 reps at 275 felt pretty good today 😏💪🏾 #bigpecs

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Chest day. Want those mountainous seriously round thick too big to fit in a shirt kinda pecs.

Let's see what I can do in a year with these suckers.
Goals. Am I right? Fuckin goals.
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