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The Long-tailed Manakin, are most widely caught species, it’s found commonly found at all of our research sites. They’re an amazing species with a complex biology and behavior, the males of the species take five years to fully mature for breeding. In this time they are training to become the best dancers, this species work together to attract a female for mating, males work together to perform a dance, only the mature male get the opportunity to mate, but the others help to make him successful. This behavior, called leking, is amazing to see in this species, the males actually do acrobatic somersaults over one another. I’m hoping to show this and their biology in a more broad spectrum this upcoming trip in Costa Rica. @audubonsociety

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"The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew." [29:41]

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A typical morning routine for a Clark's Nutcracker, chowin down on some pine seeds!

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