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Maybe I'm over you.
Maybe I've moved on.
Maybe I like someone else,
but maybe,
I'm just a really good liar. ~
Frank Ocean

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My husband Duke (@doooker) is a brilliant photographer and I'm so proud of him. I just love how he captured my growing bump! We shot this photo just two weeks ago at 21 weeks preggo. Just wait until you see how Baby B has grown since then!Isn't it mind blowing to watch your body transform, not to mention carry and develop a human! God is so creative, don't you agree?! Along the lines of pregnancy, be sure to check out Ila's post on thriving postpartum. ⚡️{LINK IN BIO} ⚡️She's a wealth of knowledge and always shares great advice! ❤️, Cate #mamaskeepinitreal

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Because it's time to remember •• •

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Sukai karya saya karena anda memang suka, atau karya saya memberi suatu efek atau apapun itu pada anda.
Bukan karena anda teman saya atau anda kenal saya.
Dan terlebih saya menghargai sekali apa itu kritik, saran, dan semacamnya.
Saya lebih senang dan sangat menghargai itu.
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