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Shitty sleep and popping zits but mood aided by this concealing light enjoy my stoopid facial expression #dumbface #filteredaf #blackandwhiteselfie

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June memento: my neighbour's fragrant lilac tree, the windswept branches heavily laddened with blooms, and I always trespass, to my gardening neighbours' pleasure. The flowers burdened the tree so, and me so eager to help, the more flowers picked, the more grow the next year.
Butterflies and moths rely on lilac for the survival of their caterpillars, and enjoy its nectar. The lilac relies on butterflies and bees for its own reproduction. The wind also helps spreading its offshoots in many neighborhood gardens, and when it happens, the neighbours see it as a blessing. They never cut them, it is Law.
Originally from the Balkans, spreading on to 16th century Ottoman gardens in Turkey, to the gardens of Holy Roman Emperor Carolus Clusius, then to John Tradescant the elder's Lambeth garden in Britain, across the Atlantic ocean to the American colonies, 18th century Virginia, and Pennsylvania, and finally Northwards to Canada: Syringa Vulgaris, Common Lilac, ain't nothing vulgar nor common about you, Tree of Sultans, Tree of Emperors.
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*buys a shitload of sunscreen but forgets to wear it every day*

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In case
You're looking in that mirror one day
And miss my arms
How they wrapped around your waist
I say that you can love me again
Even if it isn't the case

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I wonโ€™t ever fit in, thatโ€™s one of my best qualities. (c)