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Vulnerable women became the easy target for religious fanatics who wanted a scapegoat to explain the woes of the world. During the Middle Ages they were accused of #witchcraft especially of they had #green eyes, #red hair, or owned a !!#blackCAT... they were the innocent victims of torture, hanging, burning at the stake and drowning.

These same women often kept cats as companions. Cats, and in particularly black cats, were seen as “Witch’s Familiars" and the poor animal suffered similar fates to those of their mistresses. In Witch trials, ownership of a cat was taken as evidence of witchcraft and was all the proof needed to condemn both the woman and the cat to a terrible fate.

But the humble cat redeemed itself as controller of vermin during the Great Plague that swept throughout Europe. The cat, and in particular the black cat, came to be seen as a very lucky omen. ♡♡♡ ME: Very heartbreaking what these poor souls & animals endured over herbalism, eye color,, hair color animal & pet preference (black cats, specifically) The inability to recite the lords prayer under stress & pressure after being tormented, ECT. No one deserves that. God definitely wouldn't have wanted it to occur. BLESS THEIR SOULS #BlessedBe ♡

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« Humaine, j’ai faim ! »
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Нет слов. И даже головы не повернул, мол, хозяйка, это мой утренний чай. #котытакиекоты #котики #cats #catsofinstagram #blackcat


Another day...Another cat in the Christmas tree photo 😻 #Christmas cats #blackcat #catsintrees #catsofinstagram