Axle (@axle_theblackmutt)

Hi everyone! I'm Axle! I'm a fun loving, goofy guy that loves to go on adventures! I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 7 years old, but I prefer not to talk about my age. My mom was a golden retriever but I'm not sure who my daddy was... but that's okay! I enjoy long days at the lake, fetching giant logs and swimming! I love nothing more than cuddling with my human parents and constantly want attention. What can I say, I'm kinda needy! I'm always up for making new friends!


Dog selfies 😂😂 ❤️ these 2 dorks. Coming back from the vets (for health check) & they look like they've had a big night on the town 😂 #blacklab #dog #puppy #labsofinstagram #labrador #worldoflabs #blackdog #love #life #retrieverlifemagazine #lab #labradorretriever

Sarah Down (@sarahdownstyles)

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Toby 🐾💙 #doglove #blackdog #puppylove

Bentley Bunker (@thisdogisforkeeps)

It's winter, but where is all the snow?!? ❄️😫
#throwback to last winter when I got to chow down on yummy snow!! 🐷

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Bentley LOVES #snow. ❄️ He gets into the zone and ignores the rest of us while he eats snow... Unless we throw some more snow for him to eat 😂 #snowpup #feedmedawhitestuff #musthavemoresnow #omnomnom

Juicina 🎀 (@juicina)

Djina felicissima 🍂 #blackdog

Hobby photographer 🍂 (@bolonkaherz)

Dieses Bild bedeutet mir so unheimlich viel. 😍 An diesem Tag hat der Dodi sich so richtig getraut mit dem Schnee zu spielen. ❄️ Mittlerweile geht natürlich keine Gassi Runde mehr ohne irgendwelche merkwürdigen Schneespiele. 😂 Ich hoffe so sehr für meinen kleinen dass der Schnee noch gaaanz lange bleibt. 😄⛄️