Darneice Floyd (@darneicecreates)

Yeah, had to make one for my wall.
Y'all know how I feel about Black Excellence.
Want a copy? Get at me.
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Nigeria Lockley (@newnigeria)

Stop waiting, debating, and hesitating. This is not about how equipped you are, but what He has planned for you. •

👑 Don't worry about being worthy and never question whether or not you're ready. •

👑 This woman by the well isn't worthy, but He gave me a passion and a gift, so I am using it. Regardless of my past and those who want to keep me there. •

👑This woman by the well is almost never ready, but I am walking in my purpose because it has been established and ordained from the before I entered by mother's womb. •

👑 I'm not going to let anyone get in my way, not even myself. •

👑 To join me on this walk regardless of your worthiness and your readiness click the link in my bio bit.ly/PassionParty2017

Designer/Artist (@chamakalubi)

When your wife is a goddess made of #ambrosia and #dreams and #magic. #Obama kisses Michelle hand as they leave the #goddess #Grace #blackbeauty #blackgirlmagic

Rocky (@itsarockyworld)

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I Am A Woman! (@iaawcampaign)

Loved this image because although it is just a photo of the sunset, the broken glass makes me appreciate the beauty of the sun setting even more. .
Just like human beings. We are given labels that simplify our existence: poor, fat, black etc. but inside we are all fragmented. The details of our lives are what make us not the labels pinned on us. How we overcome adversaries, how we treat others, how we make use of the lessons we learn etc. are what contribute to the legacy we leave behind.
So I'm encouraging you to see past the negative circumstances in your life, see past the heartache because I promise one day your life will be a testimony to others. Just like the sunset through the broken glass your life will be a light for others to see that as long as you are alive there is hope. Your perserverance will be rewarded because God looks after all His children.

Keep praying. Hold your head up high. Have faith! 🙏 - A♡
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