Bree Nicole (@wonderlandxabri_)

New permanent hairstyle lol

Yaz (@yxs1007)

"To me beauty means to be unique and not care what others think of you. Beauty means you be yourself and you love yourself."-Yazlene Age 9
#bantuknotbeautygiveaway #naturalhair #blackgirlmagic

L E S L E Y (@likelesley)

I'm drowning.🌊
Drowning in stress and assignments. 😭
A lot of you know how I feel rn so I won't go on,
this will be me in 2 weeks. 💃
Dancing my sorrows away to Passionfruit-to-4422.🌺 °

Kia-Vanessa Haynes (@kia_vanessa)

Happy 24th Year of Life Ameeah!! I hope your days is filled with laughs smiles and great people who live you. It's your day so do what you want to do. Love you so much 😚💜 #Birthday #blackgirlmagic #queen

The Great Black Dollar (@greatblackdollar)

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Taz🐬 (@tazzzzy)

Hometown Happiness 🌊