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She said it all so amazingly I don't know what to add. Do not tell me that we cannot celebrate unhealthy fat people. We can. We celebrat anorexics and bulimics and other unhealthy thin people ALL THE TIME! Unhealthy thin people are allowed to love themselves and unhealthy fat people should be able to love themselves too, and if you don't agree, fuck you! Body positivity is for EVERYONE and saying gay people are inherently unhealthy is fucking awful. Fuck you if you don't support fat people. You cannot support unhealthy thin people if you do no support unhealthy fat people too. Fat is not bad, fat is not inherently unhealthy, and unhealthy is not something to be ashamed of. I WILL delete offensive comments, and I WILL block disrespectful and ignorant people. It is not my job to fight with you if you don't agree with me. You can be respectful it's not that hard. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Do not say "I know I'm going to get blocked for this but.." that's utter bullshit. I will not even finish reading your comment before deleting it. I'm not trying to spread negativity but I will not tolerate hate. Love and hugs, mel.

Austin Gardner (@fadedred10.0)

On this day in history. April 25 1976 baseball player rick monday ran from centerfield to 2 hippies who tried to burn the american flag. In his own words"you could smell the lighterfluid on it. You could feel the chill from the liquid"
Thank you rick monday and every other patriot who has risked themselves for our flag.
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Valjean Guerra (@cathedranyc)

They say the eyes are the gateway to ones SOUL. What truths lie behind YOURS? // #CathedraNYC
Model: @xavbalan
Photog: @warxo_ .
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