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@Regranned from @therealremyredd - #swiperight to see why running after a white Women after the history makes no sense. If you find love who am I to judge. Will it makes sense to me NO. I can’t see what they have done through out history and ignore it. Even to this day black men are dying and losing everything because of the lies of white Women. It’s even worse when you see black men and black women hating their race and loving other when they have histories of hating and killing your people. It just doesn’t make sense to me. @colossill
On January 1, 1923 a massacre was carried out in the small, predominantly black town of Rosewood in Central Florida where Over 150 Black People we’re murdered. . The massacre was instigated by the rumor that a white woman, Fanny Taylor, had been sexually assaulted by a black man in her home in a nearby community.Β  A group of white men, believing this rapist to be a recently escaped convict named Jesse Hunter who was hiding in Rosewood, assembled to capture this man.
In response to the allegation by Taylor, white men began to search for Jesse Hunter, Aaron Carrier and Sam Carter who were believed to be accomplices.Β  Carrier was captured and incarcerated while Carter was lynched. The white mob suspected Aaron's cousin, Sylvester Carrier, a Rosewood resident of harboring the fugitive, Jesse Hunter.
On January 4, 1923 a group of 20 to 30 white men approached the Carrier home and shot the family dog.Β  When Sylvester's mother Sarah came to the porch to confront the mob they shot and killed her.Β  Sylvester defended his home, killing two men and wounding four in the ensuing battle before he too was killed. The remaining survivors fled to the swamps for refuge where many of the African American residents of Rosewood had already retreated, hoping to avoid the rising conflict and increasing racial tension.

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REPOST Yo woke up this morning to find out InstaGram has removed THIS pic cuz it "violates their guidelines" πŸ€” oh hell naw, here it is again, in case y'all forgot. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #black #problack #blackpride #blackpower #blacklivesmatter #BLM #racism #african #africa #africanamerican #whitepeople #standup #racist #l4l #followforfollow #like4like #Changetheworld


Our goal is to save lives. Auxilium is a picatinny rail pistol attachment which involves squeezing the triggers on each side (with your non-firing hand) in order to launch a rubber shell that is filled with capsicum designed to pack a punch & make the target tear up & choke. Yes, it hurts but they live to see another day. Current products in non-lethal weaponry involve alternating between two devices or attaching things to your weapon; this leaves time for error. Police officers attach the device to their current firearm ONCE and it still fires regular bullets normally. It also fits perfectly into their holster. Auxilium is a game changerπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

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Den internationella namninsamlingen ! HjΓ€lp oss signera den fΓΆr att kunna ta frΓ₯gan om Libyen till politisk nivΓ₯ fΓΆr att stΓ€lla lΓ€nderna som hjΓ€lpt att skapa situation eller vetat on det utan att agera, till svars. #sΓ€ttdetpΓ₯prov
LΓ„NK i bio.
Svensk ΓΆversΓ€ttning av namninsamlingen kan ni hitta pΓ₯ @raserietpodden bio lΓ€nk
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