My life changed when I walked into the Milagro Center. I have always volunteered with kids and have always held such a special place in my heart for young children, but ever since I began mentoring here I can honestly say that I have a different perspective and outlook on life. These talented and beautiful children have done way more for me than I will ever do for them. The staff at Milagro are all so welcoming, accepting and loving individuals. When I walk through those doors, I feel at home. I have never felt happier in my life. Thankful to be a part of such a beautiful organization! I love you πŸ’• #Heart #Volunteer #Love #Thankful #GiveBack #NonProfit #Miracle #Blessings

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You win some you loose some #blessings but you learn to fight again #friday

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The best thing about this is....I never expected anything at all. From a man whom I have grown to love from being a very good friend to me,a great past time companion and now one of my best friends....in Life. It's been a great journey indeed. I never thought I'd live till this far quite frankly... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈbut I am every bit grateful that I am still alive and living such a happy and abundant life. I never thought I could achieve or was entitled to such happiness compared to the Life I had before. The decision I made a few years ago, really changed my life for the better in so many brilliant awesome and beautiful ways, I can't even fathom. A person who loves you should never make you fear them, they should never use ugly horrible words and they should never deceive you and everyone around you to disguise their abuse onto you. I came out from a very dark and lonely place but once God gave you the Faith and assurance that it will all be alright, then you should be brave enough to take the leap. It is a scary journey. People who don't know the head from tail of the story will detest you, despise you and loathe you. Especially when you thought that you have shown them love all these years. You will feel betrayed and you will feel that it's not justified. For those who sincerely felt my embrace and my love and have looked at the whole picture with eyes and heart wide open ~ I thank you from the bottom of my Heart. For knowing the Truth is ugly but injustice is the more cruel thing to endure. Trust me. .
Today I am grateful for being born in the Life that I am born in, in the part of the World I am born in, in the gender and race I am born in and the religion I am born in. It is in so many ways a blessing of Universal proportions. Today we remember our beloved Prophet. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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My girls worked hard today !! It wAs a beautiful day !!! We love you Sissy❀️️#teamcindy #beatdystonia #blessings #payitforward