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This lil nugget right here makes our world go round.💙 #blessingsonblessings #sosastyle #9monthsold #cuspbaby #nonstop

Em (@ems_jenk)

C H A N G E: to me change is not, and never has been, easy. it's not as simple as "it is what it is." but this change is one that I could never be more excited about!! few people have known about the process to make this change in my life because I wanted it to be my choice and my decision to change the course of my career- no one else's. but today, I started at the Brass Bee Salon in downtown Greenville. I will begin my career as an intern- shadowing stylists, doing simple styles/cuts and helping out with the "housekeeping" in the salon. since I am learning and observing, I will not be taking clients just yet.
with all of that being said- I will more than likely be ceasing my career as a college student because this is my passion and a true desire the Lord has given me. I have found that the Lord works in crazy ways- that He is not a God of coincidence. He has used my last two years at North Greenville as a time for me to grow spiritually, mentally, personally & socially. I found spiritually that I must be rooted in Him to get through this life. I have grown mentally in the academic aspect of college. I grew personally because I found myself and I learned who I was and my worth on my own- rather than who I was living under my parent's roof. Lastly, I grew in my relationships because I have found the best of friends & the most amazing man that I could ever ask for.
I'm thankful for my boyfriend, friends & family that have stood behind through my college season and the ones who are walking beside me as I begin this new journey. If you read all of this, thank you and I ask you for many prayers as this is an exciting time but a difficult time as I continue my education in the field of Cosmetology. 💕

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Another great festival weekend in the books 🤗 thanks for joining us everyone! Lolla next 🤙🏼 @mambybeach @reactpresents #mambyonthebeach #reactpresents #chicago #blessingsonblessings

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When you know you know! I don't think I could possibly love or admire another individual as much as you @1blazer !!! After an incredible weekend with my family who gushed about how much of an amazing man you are I couldn't be more ready to pack my bags and head to Cali to start my life with you!!! 📸credit to my amazing niece @lilymarie37 thank you for capturing our moments!! #reallove #ontothenextone #upupandawaywego #swoopedupinthisthingcalledlove #blessingsonblessings #isthatabuffaloonyourshirt #beforetheblackeye #wasnthisfault #iwantedthatmilkywayshot

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Today, go out and be fully dedicated to making your dreams happen. You have the strength and courage to handle whatever comes your way. Live a life that you love...💟 #NewWeekNewGoals #MonYay #Monday #SummerTime #StrongWomen #NeverGiveUp #PressForward #Commitment #Dedication #Perseverance #Blessings #BlessingsOnBlessings #FearNot #InspirationalThoughts

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The best of buddies to have on the farm have four legs. This girl, Tara, loves to make sure that nothing with wings lands on our property. She also thinks the John Deere Gator is a big cow she is supposed to herd. 😂 I am grateful for her! #taravonlobderburg

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My Drive, My Motivation My Babies! #familyfun #blessingsonblessings

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Blessed beyond belief to be growing through life with this one 💕🙏 // #blessingsonblessings