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Yumcha for two • so many choices 😄

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Because you just can't go wrong with classic red nails.

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2016 June
Centipede, scorpion, spider and other kinds of insects were found in the Harbin night market😖ewww it's kinda disgusting 😷 I don't think I would try them in my life😥
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Would you rock this look ? 😎

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I go hard on the good days and take in all there is to see. The bad days taught me that.

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8 years ago today I married this man.

8 years ago we were different people and lived a very different life.
When I crashed, everything changed.
We moved to another State
Initially I needed 24/7 support
Alcohol was removed from our home life
Our social life looked very different
Gym and being active became our priority
Eating and food were now looked at as fuel
We practiced mindfulness & being present

Life became about being the best we could be with no smoke and mirrors and zero filters.

He changed so much of himself so that I could be and STAY well.

And although today I am so much stronger, he still continues to support every one of my ideas and dreams without fail.

I love that he gives me enough space to spread my wings whilst at the same time being close enough to catch me should I fall.

He gets me. He accommodates my idiosyncrasies, senses when I'm in trouble. and knows how to get me back on track.
We do a lot together but also enough apart.

But there is no way I would want to be on this journey of self discovery without him.

Happy Anniversary babe. Love you ❤️

P.s. We don't often train together, because they usually end up with one of us wanting to stab each other 🔪 Yesterday's shoulder session turned out all right. 😂🙏💪 #anniversary #8yearsofmarriage #fitcouple #fitforlife #makingitwork #soulmates