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These results are fantastic!! Wanna know how to get your own results? Inbox me! #mummasinthehouse #nomorebagsundermyeyes #parenting #blondies #allclear #mums #nanna #nannylove


Can't believe this was 5 years ago #blondies #throwbackthursday

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Today is #backday
Heute das erste Mal mit meinem Gymbuddy @andrewilkening
Habe jetzt schon kein Bock auf den Muskelkater

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I am stopped filling up with gas on the way back from taking my test in Raleigh.... and I seriously feel like I'm in shock. I passed the National and the State portion for the real estate exam and I can't believe it's real! .
Just ask Matty, I studied for hours every single night for the last 5 weeks. Thankfully my team of coaches rose up and took over their duties as well as mine while I put my focus on this and dealt with my dang anxiety! My friends (LOVE YOU PAL), family, and team have been so so so amazing through this whole thing.
Matty said, you'll do great because you're smart. Now, while I am a NERD. I have to try HARD to retain information. Ask my roommates in college, lol yes I got awesome grades but I LIVED at the library! I would get kicked out when they closed on the regular, and often fell asleep there bc those dang chairs were too comfy hahah! .
We aren't all born with TALENT, but we do have determination and the WILL to make big goals happen.
Regardless, it's over and I'm so excited for this new chapter in the McDonald household! I get to work with my hubby and in-laws everyday- and to some that may sound AWFUL, I'm truly looking forward to it!
Cheers to our big goal of being DEBT FREE! I am not going anywhere with coaching- I'll do that forever bc it's my happy place, but to bring in extra income and put it ALL towards debt is a HUGE blessing. .
God is so good, and starting tomorrow, I'm spending the first 30 minutes of my day with HIM.