amanda | IQS Ambassador (@mandi_stevo)

Sunday afternoon baking... is there anything more relaxing? Making the most of the rest of my Sunday by whipping up these Miso Choc Chip Blondies. Fructose free and extremely delicious, these Blondies will have your tastebuds dancing without the sugar peaks and crashes. Miso in a brownie or blondie seems a bit unusual, but I assure you it totally works! Instead of using almond butter in this recipe I used @mayversfood peanut butter. Delicious 😋💚🙌 @iquitsugar

Macro Mike (@macr0mike)

93 calories of pure 100% Natural goodness!!
✅ Vegan
✅ Macro Friendly
✅ 100% Natural
💦 Just Add Water
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Efy Ahmad (@browniesbyaffee)

Hari ni ada order congo bar... and ada extra 1box tau! Wassup sya laju2 klu nk! jarang ada order congo bar ni tp ni lah fav anak2 sya 😘close up sikit pasal congo bar yg sya buat ni... bleh nmpk kan choc cip nya byk.. dgn almond nibs nya lagi... sya guna imported dark choc cip(xmanis sgt) 😍😍😍puas hati makan & berbaloi bayar kan 😘#browniesbyaffee #wa0169673540 #congobar #blondies

Anna Strogalova (@st__ann)

находить классные профили - всегда радость🤗🍀💐🎀🌸 @diaankaa_di #sfs

Vivi*Vea (@vivivea)

Sin filtros porque no los necesitamos somos muy rubias 😆😗💅 jajaja #lasbabys #blondies #friends @alejandragil__

ALTV (@anividales)

👱🏻‍♀️👯👯 vámonos 😁💋 #blondies 💞


Brown butter #blondies are what your weekend needs: | @food52