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Еще каких-то 40-50 лет и ты умрешь.
Сегодня ты жива и находишься в раю на планете Земля, времени осталось не так много, но оно твое и ты можешь им распоряжаться как тебе хочется. Ты можешь смотреть мир, учиться петь, готовить пасту, кататься на слоне, разговаривать с рыбами. Ты можешь даже голодать и качать @опу, если это реально то, чего ты хочешь.
Обожаю смотреть видео, где всякие неадекваты купаются в чили, прыгают с высоток без парашюта, и творят другую подобную х@ету. Мы думаем, что они отмороженные, но они точно знают, что осталось совсем немного.
Так вот, моя дорогая, ты умрешь в лучшем случае через 50 лет. Навсегда, необратимо. Серьезно.
Неужели, обладая этой информацией, тебя всё еще волнует такая по@бень как растяжки и целлюлит?..
Надеюсь, это было бодипозитивно😂
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👗 @vitainflowers _______
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A hectic period at work will start tomorrow. I've been anxious and nervous about it since new year. And the last couple of days has been horrible. I've been crying a lot and had some panic attacks. And today my back started hurting. But I'll fight through it. So if I'm a bit off for a while you know why. I'll be busy at work, trying not to break apart. •

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Although the Suns🌅 glare made me cover my that moment I knew it wasn't going to obstruct my VISION.😏 Like so many women, the complicated relationship that I have with my body stretches back into my early teens. And like so many women, it began because someone told me that there was something wrong with the way that I looked. In elementary school, I was teased about my weight. In high school, I struggled with disordered eating. In my early twenties, I continued to grapple with body image and self-confidence issues. And as a mom of three amazing boys (Twins + 1), I still do.

sometimes being a plus-sized mom is a rough road. My relationship with my body continues to be a complicated one, and it likely always will be. But I’ve learned that other people’s issues with my body don’t have to be my problem. My body is a work in progress, and that journey is no one’s business but my own. Getting hung up on rude comments from people who don’t really know me is a waste of time, and as much as it’s a struggle some days to overcome those negative voices, I’ll keep doing my best to silence them. Because at the end of the day, my kids think that I’m beautiful, just the way I am.

They don’t care what size my jeans are, or tell me that I could stand to lose a few Kilos. They just want to be with me, splashing in the water. And that’s exactly where I want to be, too.

Swimsuit? Check.👙💯 #PlusSizeMotherModel @ThickGirlSupremacy #TGS
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Good Morning evryone! Here's little paradox of mine - I love mornings but can't properly get up.Plus I had a huge problem to fall asleep (deep sleep phase was around 60-40 minutes which is very unhealthy and definitely not normal esp for 7h sleep)So I have to invent new tips and tricks for better start evry time. Here's my latest one - ⭐️I take two natural plant based sleep adjusting pills for an hour before I go to bed.⭐️ Also its very good for you to make a light "sleepy" yoga or stretching yoga before bed (I'll personally love yoga channel of @AdrieneLousie, she's an angel really!)⭐️ASMR!!! I know it can be a controversial thing for some of you but I really love ASMR I've been listening to it for 3 years every night while I try to fall asleep and OH IT FELLS GOOD! I just adoring those relaxing vibes and gentle sounds! My fave is of course beautiful and soft @Maria.gentlewhispering. I know asmr may be wired for starters but believe me when I say it really helps to have a good night snooze.⭐️ NO FOOD for couple of hours in the morning! Our bodies are used to be comforted by food so we automatically feeling little sleepy after a good meal. So while it's winter time I tend to make myself a Chineese green mint tea with lemon and ginger root it is a wonderfull, fresh start of the day. I still wait for 1h or 60 minutes after my tea and only then I eat my yumm breakfast. That's all for today. If you want more tricks, let me know! Have a great day🌈
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Love You Without Conditions (@crystal.angwin)

I used to hate when other people took a photo for me.. Because they wouldn't do it 'right'. I was very fussy in the past when it came to someone taking a photo and I would always check straight after to ensure it was a good shot and if not I would get them to take another one.
Because to me how I was viewed from other people was everything.
To me if people thought I was fat or ugly my life was over.
But boy was I wrong.
After doing alot of internal work I now no longer care what angle a photo is taken of unless I want more nature in it because its damn beautiful but other than that I love what other people capture. Moments you may not remember or moments you can hold close now because of a photo.
I especially love when people capture the rawness of the present moment rather than a pose or a pulled smile it comes from a deeper place within.
There is beauty in any photo taken of you because they're a snap shot of your life and before you know it you'll be showing your grandchildren and laugh at what I was doing or a memory I can share from a photo taken.
No matter the angle you're beautiful, we have just been conditioned to believe that parts of us are not acceptable and that isnt the case.

L E E - Y U H 🦇 (@theuniverseleiya)

Y O U T H 3 •

Camera : Kodak PIXPRO AZ252
Photographer : me
Model : @aka.kaitlyn
Edited by me

L E E - Y U H 🦇 (@theuniverseleiya)

Y O U T H 2 •

Camera : Kodak PIXPRO AZ252
Photographer : me
Model : @aka.kaitlyn
Edited by me #madewithkodak

L E E - Y U H 🦇 (@theuniverseleiya)

Y O U T H 1 •

Camera : Kodak PIXPRO AZ252
Photographer : me
Model : @aka.kaitlyn
Edited by me

Discovery Spotlight (@discoveryspotlight)

“I felt free once I realized I was never going to fit the narrow mold that society wanted me to fit in.” Model Ashley Graham is a body activist and strong proponent of loving yourself and the way you look. Don’t let others get you down this week or ever! #beyou #loveyourself #mondaymotivation

Arthur Kade (@itsmearthurkade)

Always love seeing @theashleygraham and I am just continually in awe of her ambition and success. #SISwim