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There was a flower in her heart, it just needed more room to bloom. And when she let it free, she showed the world that sometimes the most beautiful things can grow in the darkest of places without the need of light.

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Can't believe it's already the last day of summer! Which means my step-son and his fiancé are getting married in just over 3 weeks! 💕Beyond excited for their big day! I'm joining in on a pre-wedding cleanse group so that I can: ✅Burn Fat, improve my energy, & reduce bloating!Total body reset, here I come!!
This group starts on October 2nd and lasts for 9 days! It includes:
✨Nutritional cleansing
💪🏼Workout plans
😋Meal and snack ideas!
If you want in, comment below or send me a pm! 🙋🏼 #nutritionalcleansing #fallwedding #totalbodyreset
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With 6 hours of Asana a day; I wish I was cuddling up to my @brentwoodhome bolster 😅 -----------------
Wearing my confidence & @bootaybag_ Don't forget to read the link in my bio for some truth ✌🏽

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Making yourself and your health a priority is the BEST investment you can make. Trust me 🤗 I spent years lacking confidence, feeling like I wasn't good enough, focusing on everyone else's needs instead of mine, and feeling like I was all alone... even though I really wasn't. If you feel this way now? I can totally relate. I've been there. Its not a good feeling. But, then I realized I was just as IMPORTANT. There was an entire community ready to support me as long as I was ready to work for a change. •
Are you ready to make that change and give it your best? Because I'm here to support you 100% of the way!! This is the last week to jump into my 🍂 October Fall Into Fitness Challenge Group! I'll provide you with the tools and accountability to SUCCEED and we'll work TOGETHER to get you to your goals 🙌 The first step in becoming a happier, healthier you is to make the effort to try. It's all in your mindset and if you believe you can do it, you can 😘
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A vida é uma só e muito curta pra perder tempo com quem tira sua paz.
Pra passar a vida toda comendo só salada, clara de ovo e batata doce, você merece mais que isso, não estou incentivando a obesidade, estou querendo dizer pra você ser feliz! Cuidados com alimentação, práticas de esportes e cuidados com a aparência são importantes, mas isso não é sinal de amor próprio. Amar a si mesmo é ter respeito, , autoestima e confiança. É estar em paz e feliz com a sua própria companhia. Entender que ninguém além de nós mesmos somos responsáveis por nossas atitudes. Ame a si mesmo em primeiro lugar. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🇧🇷🙌 LOVE YOURSELF ❤️
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JU JU JU JUEVESSSSS! A pesar de caerme dos veces como una tarada, cumplo! Y hoy es un vídeo que me han pedido mucho! 👉🏼 Tips para vestirte según tu tipo de cuerpo! Así engañamos al mundo entero... Por lo menos hasta que te vean en traje de baño! Jajajaja !!! 👙 corran al canal y no se olviden de suscribirse! Los quieroooo! 😘