Diego Hernán Barra 🇨🇱🇨🇦 (@urbvnex)

It’s easy for a fool to solve a problem with a gun, just aim and shoot your problem away right?. I’ve had 2 occasions where I had a gun held to my head when I was only 16-17. Both these occasions all I did was ask a simple question, which shouldn’t of offended any regular person, but since this guy was a gangster and wanted to look tough in front of his friends he decided to whip out his gun and put it to my head. Thankfully I knew the right people who told the idiot to drop his weapon and re-think his actions. Students in the US need to stay strong and stand together for change, it’s too easy for these idiots down there to obtain a gun legally and illegally. For those people with no common sense, you should think about how your actions affect you & other people. END THE VIOLENCE

Arneet Singh (@_aceing_)

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