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So I finished Idaho a while ago, but finally got around to creating a #bookpairing for it. The review and recipe are below. Let me know what y'all think.⠀

Idaho by Emily Ruskovich ⠀

Rating: 2⠀
Pairing: jasmine tea cocktail ⠀

Well it’s unpopular opinion time again. I feel like this book is going to get a ton of praise and possibly win some awards, but it was not for me. ⠀

I’ll start by saying that it is beautifully written and poetic at times, but this story was too obtuse. The descriptions of nature and animals were quite beautiful. But the pacing is sooooo slow and the bouncing around in time didn’t help with keeping my interest. ⠀

The story is also super depressing and full of senseless violence, which I know is probably what the author was going for, but it didn’t appeal to me. The character development was good, but I didn’t care about any of these characters. The story and the characters are so unrealistic and contrived that I stopped caring pretty early on. It all felt so meaningless. I really wish I hadn’t forced myself to read it to the end. I kind of hate myself for getting swept into the hype for this book.⠀

Jasmine Tea Cocktail Recipe:⠀

1 heaped teaspoon jasmine green tea⠀
Boiling water⠀
3 or 4 ice cubes⠀
2 measures vodka (or gin) be as generous as you’re feeling, about 100 ml should do it⠀
1 tbsp 15 ml sugar syrup or honey⠀
A splash of lemon juice⠀
jasmine flowers or lemon peel to garnish (your choice)⠀

Make a cup of jasmine tea with boiling water and leave it to steep for a few minutes. Add the honey or sugar syrup and stir to dissolve it.⠀

Put the ice in a cocktail shaker and pour the tea, through a strainer into the shaker and add the vodka or gin. Shake well until ice-cold and strain into the frozen glasses. Garnish with jasmine petals (if you have them) or a slice of lemon peel and enjoy.⠀

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I can't wait to read Veronica's new novel "Carve the mark"! Today I went to the library and there it was, whispering "buy me" to me. I really liked Divergent and I think I'm gonna love this novel. Are you excited?

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//"I want to see you again."
Still sick, I can't seem to shake this. Very nervous to start Another Day by David Levithan next month, since it's a companion novel to my favorite book of all time. I would prefer to keep Every Day sacred, but I've been really in a Levithan mood lately so we'll see!
@reading.rah tagged me to do the #openbookchallenge so here goes. Tagging a few people, feel free to do it! Or not!

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What are the chances you’d ever meet someone like that? he wondered. Someone you could love forever, someone who would forever love you back? And what did you do when that person was born half a world away? The math seemed impossible.
- Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park
Someone asked me to review Eleanor & Park, the Malay version by @bukufixi .
To be honest, I don't know where to begin. The idea is bold and brave. The execution has areas of development.
Malay language has the tendency to become too formal or too casual. So I can't be blaming the book if my feelings are everywhere in this.
Besides, it is unfair to judge a book based on the language because it depends on how you read it. I read the English version first so obviously I am stuck with the original. .
Besides, I consider this book a light reading - just like pisang goreng.
If I want to give a full mark for this book, it will be the effort to make it a bit lose. And what a cover. I love it!
Will I recommend this?
Yes and no.
It depends on your preferred language. But having said all that, it doesn't hurt to experiment a bit 👌🏼

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Magnus Bane!!! ❤️❤️ By now you guys are all very much aware of my love for Jem, but if I had to choose my all time favorite character from the Shadowhunters saga it would be Magnus! He is so witty and sassy and just all around amazing! •

Whose your favorite character from the Shadowhunters Saga?

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Hola lectores!! Buen comienzo de semana ^^.
Los otros dias termine este libro, es la primera vez que lei algo de este autor. Me gusto mucho la historia, el como transcurre y como termina.
Uno comienza odiando un personaje y luego lo termina amando. Es llevadera y te atrapa en muchas partes.
Si les gusta los romances y este autor, se los recomiendo ;) .
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Day 27 of #booklovefebruary - Best read of February •
Hats off to this book; I opened it and couldn't stop until I finished. For those of you who have read it and know what happens in terms of the 'moment', all I can say is that I bloody knew it!! I believe my reaction when I read it was something along the lines of 'oh you mother%*{*#*!!'...or something to that effect 😂
I really enjoyed it and loved the connection between Maddy and Olly and I adored the ending, which makes a change as lately I've experienced many disappointing endings it seems. If you've read this, did you enjoy it??

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・・・ #HRgiveaway

@elexmedia bagi2 2 buku keren. Sudah berulang kali ikutan GA namun belum ada satupun yang berhasil. Semoga kali ini berhasil ya @vebbygadis

Pengen banget baca novel terjemahan, teeutama dengan setting historical dan romance. Biasanya novel2 terjemahan konfliknya greget bgt dan alurnya gag ketebak. Dengan ending yang selalu membuat para pembacanya membawanya sampai ke alam mimpi 😊
Mudah2an kali ini rezeki berpihak padaku #Amin

Hai Booklovers, yuk ikut giveaway novel HR Elex!

Ada 2 novel When the Duke Was Wicked karya Lorraine Heath untuk 2 pemenang yang beruntung.

Caranya gampang banget:
1. Regram post ini
2. Tuliskan alasan kamu ingin baca novel Lorraine Heath
3. Mention @elexmedia dan 1 orang temanmu yang juga suka baca novel
4. Jangan lupa sertakan hashtag #HRgiveaway dalam caption kamu
5. Boleh repost lebih dari satu kali, dengan tag ke teman yang berbeda.

Pemenang akan diumumkan besok (28 Februari 2017) pukul 4 sore. Kami tunggu ya! Good luck!

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Mom got annoyed because I took her flowers out of the vase 😅😅 oh well, anyway haven't posted much lately so here is a post to give you summer vibes☺️🌤️ also would just like to share that Northanger Abbey is such a fun read! Those who have not read it should definitely pick it up ❣️#pink #pinklemonade #pinkflowers #pinksunglasses #sunglasses #jamjar #northangerabbey #jane #janeausten #carnations #reading #reader #books #bookstagram #bookishthings #loveforreading #booklover #booknerd


Shelf goals 😍 FAITHFUL by Alice Hoffman 📚

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Two candle posts in a day??
I mean, why not right? 😂
Queen of Tarts from @themeltinglibrary is inspired by Heartless and legit smells like lemon tarts and IT. IS. SO. AMAZING. Seriously makes me wish candles were edible 😩

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Can we talk about how pretty the cover for the darkest minds is? It's always been one of my favorite covers for some reason 🤔

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•Hogwarts House//Gryffindor•
•Patronus//Tonkinese Cat•
•Ilvermorny House//Horned Serpent•
I was a little late to the Harry Potter game. I started reading in Jr. High. Still, I hold it near and dear 💕
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