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Business 103: Marketing is really just the art of sharing your passion. #RVLapparel

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Post leg day relaxion. Hope everyone has a great #memorialdayweekend 💋🖤 #hottub #bootybuilder

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(Tag a Friend to try this) Feel the booty burn! 🔥🍑 @flablabla

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Love being strong! 💕 Arms will be on tomorrow's agenda at the gym! 💪🏼😍 leggings: @heavyironclothing code to save: AMBDEV

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❌First ones: On the hamstring curl machine.
Use both legs to lift, then lower the weight with just one leg counting slowly to 5 as you control the weight down.
This way I can put all the force and time under tension on the negatives. Doing them this way also allows me to use more weight. Change things up and give it a try. Negatives should definitely be in your routine.
❌Second: Kickbacks they are just a must for the 🍑. What I found that helped me when my back would hurt, was really just controlling the weight through the whole movement. Slow controlled and pushing with your heels.
❌Third: Smith machine wide stance Good-mornings.
❌Fourth: Standing calf raises.


How do you start your morning? @svetabily