Wallace Archibald (@wallace_wag_therapy)

Wally said he loves walkies! Best part of the day #walkies #keepingfit

Wallace Archibald (@wallace_wag_therapy)

Wally thinks breakfast is the best meal of the day! Loves a good outing #breakfastclub #doggydate #thirdwheel

beagleeveryday (@beagleeveryday)

📷 by @nana_beagle
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Maui (@mentionmaui)

Been seeing so many puppies around recently! Caused me to get puppy fever, I need another doggo😂❤️

Igor_bc ®️ (@igor.dog)

~ Hora de brincar / Play time ~
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🐾Kali 🐶 (@kali.thebordercollie)

What is this creature :o
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Picture thanks to @malanowskaagata

border collie (@border1498)

Yellow Thursday
credit : @hellomowui 🐶