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Today didn't go as planned. But we #embracethechaos and continue to be #bossbabes. Broke out the Holiday DFT today 🎄 Can't wait to hear back to Michigan for Christmas! 🎄

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Value is the ability to perform above the demands one expects from a product or service. In the case of wetsuits the general trend is away from functional value but every now and then a suit hits the market that truly has value. The Adreno Fusion suit is one of those suits, 3/2mm with a completely sealed GBS seam and a 100% thermally lined interior all for $139.

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My gratitude and thanks goes out to my ride or die @tay_hickss. And here’s why.
A week ago today we flew to Texas for one of the most incredible events I’ve been to in 4 years with Herbalife. When we went to sleep I woke up unexpectedly at 4am. I could feel my blood sugar was low, and I almost went back to sleep (because when you go low, you get sleepy), but something told me to whisper if she was awake because I realized I couldn’t move the right side of my body...
She woke up and I asked her if she could test my blood sugar since I couldn’t move. I was 40. So nurse mode Taylor kicked in and she helped sit me up to drink juice (CR7 an herbalife product) and I broke down hysterically crying. I hated not having control over my body and because I am so independent, I rarely ask for help. So I had to swallow allowing someone to help me. The entire right side of my body was limp and it was extremely emotional. Especially since I needed to be up early Friday for training.
Someone could look at that as extremely scary, which yes it was in the moment. But all of these things happening to me lately wouldn’t be happening if enormous shifts weren’t about to take place in my life. Earthquakes occur when changes of tectonic plates begin shifting... And that’s what’s happening. My diabetes is simply a reflection of my character and challenges me to learn how I can level up and then pay it forward. The past 2 weeks I have been realigned BACK to the very beginning of my fitness journey and WHY I got started before Herbalife, my Purpose.🙏🏼
Not many people know what happened a week ago because life moves on and we had a big weekend event together. But I just wanted you to know Taylor how much I appreciate you every day and I am so grateful to be creating an incredible life together for our community. Not many people get to work with their best friends/family every day... And I will never take you for granted. I love you Sis!!! Thanks for always being my rock.❤️ (Ps. No sympathy please, just love. I am simply sharing my journey with you all and keeping it 💯)

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Hey Y’all! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. I was traveling out of the country. I am back now, and happy to announce we have released Tres Leches. It’s a 3 step skincare routine and it’s amazing! Feel free to dm me for more info. #getouttheregorgeous

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Half a selfie. What are you up to today?

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Chris Pratt can fly away with my heart any day 😍

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🌿 Thursday reminder to keep on keeping on even if you’re living in that “messy middle” right now! It either makes or breaks us and I think we both know which side we want to be on! 💕 our hardships make us who we are so look at this time as learning and fluid and keep chugging babes!! #youvegotthis #keepgoing #selfcare

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Your vibration speaks louder than words, Your actions tell a story, Your life leads you down a path, but your in control. The universe always has your back, you just need to be open to change! .
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I never imagined I would have had this much fun getting ready to attend a @gunsnroses concert bringing me back to my roots -Upstate NY & my brother’s rock band days! Thank you @scotzy23 !!!!! #love #laugh #virgo #soulsisters #fitchicks #fashionistas #professional #bossbabes #happygirl #smile #gunsnroses #dc #gnr #lifeisgood

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Planning without a goal in mind will just leave you with a plan you aren't motivated to pursue. It's high key important to establish a long term goal for the plans you set in place. You should plan with the expectation of a change in your habits and action toward the goals you have set. This is something I'm working hard at and desire to master. Take the journey with me!!!



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Confía en mí cuando digo: ¡QUIERES ESTO!

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If I can do can you!!

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Last night at the @socalbloggerbabes meet up at @socialcostamesa 🙌🏻 Is this space not the coolest thing you've ever seen?! @secondhomeworkspace is 100% free to work in and they offer free wifi. The vibe is unbeatable and the decor is so inspiring! We had tasty donuts and coffee. I'm not even kidding when I say I think I ate 10 donuts 🙈🙈 They were THAT good!! It truly was an inspiring night with these #bossbabes More on the blog (link in bio)! #socialcostamesa #socalbloggerbabes #secondhomeworkspace

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Galaxy Kisses with LipSense 💋💜

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shout out to all the freaks like me 🙋🏼 / #shopirisandpoppy

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What you give cannot be compared to What comes back to you.
Give intentionally
Give purposefully
Give exceptionally
Give in a way you wished other businesses would give unto you in order to gain their repeat business over and over and over again!