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Sexy does not come in the shape of a body, but the fire in a soul. 🔥

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I’m just sayin Mercury goes into retrograde this week and we could all use a little more yoga to keep our minds right. Stay flexible out there and be prepared for shit to go wrong. Great pep talk, eh? We’ll all be justttt fine✨

Missy Kai (@boudoiryoga)

There is an intelligence to how a woman’s body opens. It is not something you can demand or order about or determine with logic. There’s a research study which says only 0.1% of women actually orgasm during sex (exaggeration but probably accurate). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What brings a woman pleasure? Its not that women dont want sex. We just want to feel connected physically-emotionally-mentally-spiritually while we do. And if we don’t its way too easy to check out and well... pretend just to have it be over.
What initially seems an unseen dark mystery to swallow you whole, can actually emerge as a safe release and sanctuary for you, when she feels safe and provided for.
Trust her. Bless her. Listen to her. Guide her. Be patient... even if you think you know her, there’s always more layers to go deeper. The mystery will reveal herself with time, and yet grow ever larger.
Yoga, sex talks, poetry, and photos with the OG @jasperyoga because how else do you cope with year 2 of Trump presidency etc 🤪🦄💕

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One of the most common phrases I hear from my clients is, “I don’t look like the women on your website. They all look like models.” Well, ladies, I want you to know the truth. The women who are featured on my website said the exact same thing before I photographed them! Copy & paste this link to read more in my new blog: http://www.evgeniaribinik.com/best-intimate-photography-ny/

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HOLY GEEZE // 🔥The Queen of the Castle Stylized Boudoir Marathon in Oct was just as amazing as I’d hoped it. 3 castle-like scenes set, 6 goddesses, and a good dose of magic 🖤 Check our the link in bio 👆🏼 to see the highlights with Queen A 🖤
And because this one was so amazing...doing it all over again. Different theme of course ✖️🖤✖️Announcing the details later this week!!
Makeup & Hair by the lovely and talented @madebeautyco @steph.wall @nancy2 ✌🏼
#kiexboudoir #winnipegboudoir #queen

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If you've never shot in a barn, you're missing out. And yes, there were horses 🐴