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Spring Break Fun with the nephews and my babes 🍦🎡 #springbreak #family #kids #myheart #boymom #boys

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This stud always asks for his own shAke except for today.... so I should have known he’d steal mine when I wasn’t looking!
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I love turning on #BOD and finding that my program is not the last queued up. Huge shout out to my husband for starting 22 Minute Hard Corps. I'm proud of you! I love that Beachbody on Demand had such a wealth of programs available that there is something for everybody. Plus it's so nice to workout in the comfort of my home. #healthyfamily #workouts #beachbodyondemand #fitness #getfitnow #obsessed #80dayobsession #fitfamily #fitmama #fitandalmost40 #fitmom #boymama #boymom

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The sun is shining today. And it's the last day before Spring Break so the kids are actually looking forward to school today. But before we go it's marble run time!

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These may be blurry, but these are the moments I don't ever want to forget. ❤️
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“Mama, does food make you grow?”
“Well yes, Bub. It's why we need to eat good, healthy food. To grow big & strong”
“Does it make you fat?”
He was sitting on the edge of my bed. We were talking, as we always do before bedtime; about his day, the best part, who he played with, what he learned, how he was kind.
I could FEEL the weight of his words hanging in the air. .
Grasping for a little more time, I said “Well…what do you think, kiddo?” He had a shy little look come across his face & said “Mama- I just don’t want to be fat.”
You guys. These words were HEAVY. With my history of an eating disorder, I am overly cognizant of the words I use to describe our bodies. You will never hear me bashing my belly rolls, cellulite, butt or thighs in front of him.
Instead, I use words like strong, healthy, grow & muscles. Every morning I tell him how much he’s grown, how strong he looks & how long his legs are. He sees me workout & will join in. Flexing; proud of his strength & body. Similarly, I do not put an emphasis on “good” or “bad” foods. Or place a stigma around food groups that make him feel bad about his food choices.
I’m not sure where he's gathered the concept of being “fat”. The idea that fat has a negative connotation & when we have fat we are “bad”. On the same note, I never want him to think he needs to restrict food in order to be good enough.
As the single mama of a little boy, it’s twofold. We want to teach our children to love their body from an early age. That having FAT is not bad- nor is it a word we use to hurt feelings; including our own. I also REFUSE to raise a man who does not respect women or their bodies. Who sees them as objects & treats my future daughter in law the way I was. It just will not happen.
"Bubba," I said "Having fat on our bodies is not BAD. It helps protect our organs & keep us safe. Some people have more than others & that is OK. It doesn't make them bad. Food is fuel for your body. Like the gas & oil you put in your cars & diggers. You want the best so you can play hard & have a strong body that lasts a long time.
He smiled, wrapped his arms around my neck & gave me a kiss. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻continued in comments

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You are NO LONGER a caterpillar! 🐛

🎶Spread your wings and learn to fly. You were only waiting for THIS moment to arrive.

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Happy Birthday to our sweet boy Gael. Can’t believe he’s 9 today. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he said “ Green eggs and ham with a side of pancakes covered in rainbow cool whip”. So thankful for him. He has taught us the true meaning of patience and the true beauty in life. #boymom #thanksDrSeuss #birthdayboy #blessed #proudparents

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4 weeks worth of updates are up on the blog today! One month left until we meet out little man!!! 😍
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Getting these two to sit still long enough for a picture that isn’t blurry isn’t very easy. But I love this one! 💙🐶
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Woke up bright and early this morning for a coffee date with two of my besties! 👭☕️ One year ago I would've been SO happy it was Friday, counting down the hours until the weekend. But now I live life on my terms and make my own schedule. 😍

I joined It Works for an extra $500 a month to pay for Austin's daycare and to go shopping without JB getting worrying about what I spent, LOL! 😂

But one year into the business I couldn't have even imagined what God had in store.🙏🏻 I was able to quit my full time job, work from home with my baby boy and average a 6-figure income with this company - THAT was something that was never going to be possible in the corporate world.
Now JB also works from home on his own business, so we are a work from home family. We get to watch our baby boy grow up and play baseball in the front yard on our 'breaks.'⚾️👦🏼 My goal is to help as many families as I can. If you're interested in making extra money to ease the financial burden, or dream or working from home, message me the word "MORE", I'd love to chat with you!💗 #wahm #sahm #momlife #boymom #friyay #friday #fridaymood #farmlife #familylife #family

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What do you use to cleanse your face? Please don’t say soap 😱

Let me tell you about Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask made with #KaolinClay, and why you, too, want kaolin clay on your face:

Kaolin clay is one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients around and has stood the test of time, still producing excellent results. The word “kaolin” actually comes from the name of where it originated, on the Kaoling Hill in China. 💙 It has beauty benefits all while being gentle, so it won't strip your skin of natural oils. 💙 Using it as a mask and letting it dry increases blood circulation. 💙 It also purifies eliminating toxins, white heads or black heads while also boosting your cell renewal. 💙 Another benefit of kaolin clay is that it's rich in phytonutrients that help nourish & soften your skin too. 💙 I use the Redefine regimen every night & I would recommend it to every single person if I could. It feels so refreshing! 💙 If you (or someone you know) would like to try this with a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee, you know how to find me. #itreallyworks #redefine

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Man! Y’all! 61/80 days is DONE!
Right now is the time when I have to really mentally push! We’re so close to the end, yet so far! I’m in that stage where I’m just ready for results, kinda over the hour workouts and food... I tried to be a rebel this past weekend. And realized junk food is just that, JUNK. And I felt terrible! So I made my plan and I’m on it till the end!! I really do love this program, it’s just long and it’s a mental game for sure!! Stay tuned! Results coming at ya in 20 days!!! Just in time for my 35th bday! 🎉